Daniel Pitout: He is a famous singer and musician famous for “Nu Sensae” band’s drummer he is 40 years old. His birthplace is united states his nationality is American and mixed ethnicity his religion is Christianity his sexuality’s is gay. He don’t want to hide his sexuality because he proud and happy to be what he is and doesn’t care about people say to him. He is a nice guy. If you want to read interesting facts about him you can continue reading and want to get to more updated what he is up to  you can checkout thecelebography

Daniel Pitout Biography

Daniel Pitout

Daniel was born in the 1980s in South Africa. His exact birth date and place of birth, however, are unknown. He appears to be in his late 40s. Daniel’s parents and family are unknown to the public; he has not revealed any information about them. He is of mixed origin and claims African nationality. Daniel has been forthright about his sexual orientation. Pitout declares himself to be gay and proud of it. He is gay and proud to be one.

Sources have mentioned that Orville Peck, a country musician based in Canada who wears a fringed mask and has never shown his face publicly, is Daniel Pitout because of their similar tattoo structure.

Daniel Pitout Professional Life

In the year 2008, Daniel and Andrea Lukic established the band Nu Sensae. He is the group’s drummer. In 2010, the band published their debut album, ‘TV, Death, And The Devil.’

Brody McKnight, a guitarist, joined the band in 2011. Daniel has been active in the music industry since 2008, with hits such as “Don’t Panic” and “Come Around.” He has a sizable fan base.aniel is the drummer of the Canadian band Nu Sensae.

He has been featured in various gay publications and for his work in AIDS activism. Daniel is an African musician famous for “Nu Sensae” band’s drummer. He is also singer and songwriter.

Daniel Pitout Physical Appreance

Pitout is six feet and two inches tall and weighs roughly 68 kilograms, according to his physical stature.

Daniel’s Net Worth

Not only does Daniel have a large fan base, but he has also amassed a sizable net worth throughout the course of his musical career. Pitout’s net worth is estimated to be at $1.2 million.

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