Dafne Keen: She was born on 4 January 2005 in Spain. Dafne is an English-Spanish actress who has appeared in a variety of movies.

She began her career on television as Ana Cruz Oliver on The Refugees.

After this, she went on to star in the critically-acclaimed film Logan, where she played Laura.

In this article, you will learn more about Dafne Keen’s age and height, and her net worth.

Read on to find out more about this beautiful actress.

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Dafne Keen Biographydafne keen

Her parents are British actor Will Keen and Galician actress Maria Fernandez Ache. Her paternal grandfather is Edward Curzon, 6th Earl Howe.

Dafne Keen’s role in His Dark Materials was filmed when she was only eleven, but her mother spoke Spanish at that time, so that her English was not completely lost.

Dafne Keen’s parents are both famous artists, and they have helped her reach this success in her career.

Will Keen plays the role of the aspiring royal Michael Adeane on Netflix’s The Crown, and his mother is Maria Fernandez Ache, a great Galician actress.

Her aunts are poets and writers, and both her parents are artists. Dafne Keen’s education is not known at this time, but we will continue to update this information as she gives clearer details.

Dafne Keen movie career

The actress is British-Spanish. Dafne Keen made her debut in the TV series The Refugees as Ana Cruz Oliver.

She also starred in Logan as Laura, a role that won her critical acclaim.

Dafne Keen movies include “Will and Grace,” “Crossing Jordan,” and “The Other Woman.”

In her first movie in Hollywood, Keen was an actress. Her acting was recognized in the critically acclaimed film Ana, which premiered in 2020.

Although the movie was not a critical hit, the actor’s charisma was noted. The actress is also a friend of Hugh Jackman’s children.

In addition to her acting skills, Keen is an avid Twitter user. Dafne Keen movies have a wide fan base.

Dafne Keen movies have a diverse range. Her breakthrough role as Laura in Logan (2017) was a critical success, proving her talent as an actor.

The actress also starred alongside her father in the HBO/BBC adaptation of the popular “His Dark Materials” books, which won the Academy Award for Best Novel.

Dafne Keen is the daughter of William Keen, a Spanish actor who had an extensive career in stage and film.

Dafne physical appearance

The actress is known for her height and weight, but she does not disclose this information to the public.

Dafne Keen has not yet disclosed her sex life or boyfriend, and has never discussed her body measurements publicly.

Dafne Keen stands at a height of 4’11” and weighs forty kilograms.

She has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Dafne net worth

As of  2022, Dafne Keen net worth is estimated to be about $1.5 million.

The actress has established a solid net worth over the years, mainly from her work in the film industry.

The British-Spanish actress earned several awards from her roles in movies and TV shows and has received numerous sponsorships and advertising deals.

She has also received several sponsors and ad deals, bringing in additional income.

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