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Corionsa Ramey: Kevin Johnson’s Daughter Is Allowed To Witness Her Father’s Execution



Corionsa Ramey

Corionsa Ramey: A Missouri teenager, aged 19, asked a federal court to allow her to witness her father’s execution. This is despite the fact that Missouri law prohibits anyone under 21 from attending executions.

Corionsa “Khorry” Ramey has requested permission to attend her father’s execution on Nov 29. Johnson, 37, was sentenced to death for 2005 murder of a St. Louis officer.  He will be executed on 29 November. He shot Missouri officer William McEntee, 12, to death after his brother died hours earlier.

Who is Corionsa Ramey ?

Corionsa Ramey

Ramey Johnson (19 years old) claimed her father was the “most important person in my world” at Kansas City federal court. Ramey submitted an affidavit to the court stating that she witnessed her mother’s death when she was four years old, two years after her father had been imprisoned.

She also lost her father to prison when she was two years old. The American Civil Liberties Union filed an urgent motion to declare that laws that prohibit anyone under 21 from attending executions is not only infringing upon fundamental rights, but also pointless.

Plaintiff: Corionsa Ramey
Defendant: Michael L. Parson, Eric Schmitt and Anne L. Precythe
Case Number: 2:2022cv04171
Filed: November 21, 2022
Court: US District Court for the Western District of Missouri
Presiding Judge: Brian C Wimes
Nature of Suit: Civil Rights: Other
Cause of Action: 42 U.S.C. § 1983 Civil Rights Act
Jury Demanded By: None

Daughter Of Kevin Johnson Allowed To Watch Her Dad Being Executed

Ramey stated, “If my dad were in the hospital, I would sit beside him, hold his hand and pray for him, both to comfort him and as a source for support for me. This is a critical step in my grieving process and for his peace and mind. McEntee, a father of three and husband to Johnson, gave a warrant for Johnson’s arrest to his residence on July 5, 2005.


After striking his girlfriend, Johnson suspected of violating his probation. Johnson called Joseph Long, his 12-year-old brother, to alert him to run to the grandmother’s next door after he saw police arrive.

The boy suffered a congenital anomaly of the heart and had a seizure at his mother’s house. He later died in the hospital. Johnson testified that McEntee prevented Johnson’s mother from coming in to care for her dying sibling.

McEntee returned to the area later that night in 2005 to confront unrelated claims that fireworks were set off. Johnson pulled out a revolver, and McEntee was shot.

Johnson approached the officer who was being held hostage and fired his revolver, killing him. Ramey was just two years old at the time Johnson was first imprisoned. According to the ACLU visits, phone calls and emails allowed Johnson and Ramey to get closer.

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