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Fernanda Gómez: Biography, Age, Husband, Kid & Net Worth

fernanda gomez

Fernanda Gómez: She was born on July 3, 1996. Her birth place is Chile and her nationality is Chilean. Her profession is being an Instagram model and social media star. Her religion is Christianity and sun sign is Cancer. She is basically known for dating a famous and professional  Mexican boxer named Canelo Alvarez. She is pretty model. And she is famous for her beautiful figure. If you want to know more about her early or dating life you are at right place, in this article you can get all information. And for daily updates you can follow thecelebography  

Fernanda Gómez Early Life

fernanda gomez

Fernanda Gomez is a stunning model and entrepreneur. She is well-known for her association with Canelo Alvarez, the highest-paid professional Mexican boxer. Fernanda was born in Chile on July 3, 1996, and now lives in the United States of America

Her family and siblings’ personal information has been kept private and away from the press. She was always interested in fashion and modeling since she was a child. Fernanda finished her secondary school study.

The specifics of her educational background have been kept confidential and out of the spotlight. Her studies have provided her with some practical knowledge.

Fernanda Gómez Modeling Career

Fernanda started her career as a model and entrepreneur. She flaunts her curves and publishes a lot of lovely images to her social media account. Her photo also reveals that she enjoys traveling and has traveled to many other locations.

She is also the owner of a nail salon and boutique in Guadalajara, Jalisco. She also has an Instagram account for her company.

Her primary goal is to provide the greatest services and nail designs to her clients. Fernanda wants to keep her emphasis on growing her company and attracting new consumers.

She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, therefore she has been posting a lot of content on her Instagram account. She has recently started attending numerous events where she has had the opportunity to dress up and share images for the same.

Fernanda Relationship

Canelo Alvarez, a Mexican professional boxer who has won the world championship in four weight classes, is presently dating Fernanda. They first met in 2017 at a charity gala and hit it off right away. Maria Fernanda Alvarez, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2018.

Fernanda Net Worth

Fernanda makes a lot of money and lives a luxury lifestyle as a result of her job. Her boyfriend’s net worth is reported to be more than $140 million.

She also makes money from her nail salon. According to insiders, her net worth has been kept confidential and hidden from the public eye. She also makes money from sponsorships and attending business events.

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Michelle Salas: Biography, Age, Husband, Height & Net Worth

Michelle salas

Michelle Salas: She was born on 13 June 1989,in Mexico city, Distrito Federal, Mexico. She is popular as Michelle. Her profession is Social media personality. Her nationality is Mexican. Her Ethnicity is white. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. If you want to know more about her where is she now? you will find your answers in this article. And if you want to get updates you can visit thecelebography

Michelle Salas Biography

Michelle salas

Michelle Salas is a stunning Mexican fashion designer, model, and social media influencer. She is well-known as the daughter of Luis Miguel, a well-known actor and musician. Michelle is recognized for being a fearless and self-assured lady who stands up for herself and what she believes in.

Michelle Salas Education

Salas graduated from Parson’s School of Design, a famous fashion and design school, with a major in fashion design. In her field, she was thought to be a bright and intellectual student.

Michelle Family Background

Salas father, Luis Miguel, was a well-known singer, and her mother, Stephanie Salas, is also a musician from Mexico. Luisito Rey, Marcela Basteri, Sylvia Pasquel, and Micky Salas are her grandparents. Camila Valero, her younger sister, is also a well-known actress.

Her Physical Appreance

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her weight is 51 kg. Her eye color is light brown and her hair color is Blonde. Her shoe size is 7,her breast size is 32 inches. Waist size is 23 inches and hip size is 34 inches.

Michelle Net Worth

Salas has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars. This includes her property, funds, and earnings. Her job as a Social Media Personality is her main source of income. Emmy has amassed wealth from her multiple sources of income, yet she likes to live a humble lifestyle.

Michelle Relationship

She is not married but she is dating Danilo Diaz.

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KKVSH Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Biography & Boyfriend


KKVSH: Her real name is Mikayla Saravia. She was born on October 29, 1997. She is 24 years old. She is an American Youtuber, Model and social media personality. She has over 8 million followers on her Instagram page. Her nationality is American and she believes in Christianity. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. In this article we will get to know more about her and we will find why she is trending? To get more updates you can follow thecelebography

KKVSH Biography


KKVSH was born and raised in the state of California. Mikayla Saravia is her true name, however she goes by the online handle KKVSH. During her early education, she attended a local high school in California, United States. She then enrolled at a local private institution in California to complete her education. Her nationality is American, and she professes faith in Jesus Christ. Scorpio is her zodiac sign.

KKVSH Wikipedia

Real Name Mikayla Saravia
Profession YouTuber, Model, Social Media Influencer
Known for Her Youtube Videos
Date of Birth October 29, 1997
Birthplace United States
Age 24 years (as of 2022)
Hometown United States
Current Residence Palm Beach, Florida
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Jamaican and Salvadorian
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Mikayla Saravia  Relationship Status

The marital status of KKVSH is single. Because she is such a well-known YouTuber and social media sensation, her love life has piqued the interest of many of her admirers. Her followers have constantly inquired as to whether she is married, single, or in a relationship. She hasn’t made any public pronouncements about her romantic connections, though.

Mikayla  Physical Appreance

The height of KKVSH is 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is 58 kilograms. She has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Her Career

Under the handle ‘therealkkvsh,’ KKVSH launched her Twitter account in October 2009. She also sent a DVD with video related to her brand. KKVSH store is the name of her store. In September of this year, her photograph of a long tongue made her famous.

KKVSH is a YouTuber as well. On September 2, 2017, she launched a YouTube channel with the same name. She posts videos on fashion, make-up, and vlogs on her channel.

Her social media

On social media, she has millions of followers. On Instagram, she usually publishes images of her tongue and her daily life. She has amassed a sizable fan base because to her social media activity. On Instagram, she has over eight million followers, 1.6 million on TikTok, and over 415K on Twitter.

KKVSH net worth

As of 2022, KKVSH’s projected net worth is $500,000. KKVSH makes the most of her money via Instagram and modeling. Her income is supplemented by sponsorships obtained through social media. OnlyFans, where she provides subscribers exclusive content, is her other big cash generator.

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Mati Marroni: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Career, Net Worth

Mati Marroni

Mati Marroni: Her nickname is Mati and year of birth is 2002 and her birthplace is Houston, Texas, The united states. She is famous as Social media Star. Her nationality is American. Her ethnicity is white and religion is Christianity. She is very beautiful that’s the reason why she is so famous. You can get get all the facts about her in this article and for more updates you can visit thecelebography   

Mati Marroni Biography

Mati Marroni

Mati Marroni is a hot model who is known for having a great body. When she spilled some pictures, she is getting a lot of attention right now, so that’s why. In these days, it doesn’t want to be famous at all.

There are a lot of advanced stages where you can show off your skills and get the attention. Mati, a swimsuit model, put herself in the spotlight by posting pictures that were only partially shown. True, you can pay to see her naked photos on Onlyfans.

Mati Marroni Modelling Career

In the words of Ms. Marroni, it all began with an eight-second Ig video. She was excited and amazed that she could make a difference in the world this way. From the popularity of that video, she was able to get into the glamour business.

After a video of Mati Marroni went viral in 2020, her career began to take off. This isn’t the only thing, though. She also admits that this industry has a very dark side.

Mati Wiki

Famous As Instagram Star,
Social Media Star
Age 18-years old
Birthday 2002
Birth Sign Leo
Height approx. 5 ft 8 in (1.78 m)
Weight approx. 57 Kg (127 lbs)
Body Measurements approx. 34-26-39 inches
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Shoe Size 6 (US)
Boyfriend Single
Spouse NA
Net Worth approx. $200,000 (USD)

Mati Physical Appearance

It looks like the young girl has a very cute face, which makes her whole personality even more appealing. About 62 kg is how much weight she has. She stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She has an Apple body type.

Mati Net Worth

As of 2022, the model Mati Marroni is thought to be worth $200,000 in US dollars, which is a lot of money. Modeling campaigns and Only Fans Subscriptions are the main sources of income for this person.

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“Danielley Ayala” Famous Instagram Model: Bio, Relationship,& Net Worth

Danielley Ayala

Danielley Ayala: Famous Instagram Model was born on February 23 1994.She is an American model Instagram star and makeup artist. She is from los Angeles California. She is the most followed Instagram personalities having 1.5 million followers, her nationality is American and her religion is Christianity and her zodiac sign is Cancer. If you want to know more about her and what she is doing nowadays you can read the full article here thecelebography

Danielley Ayala Career

Danielley Ayala

Career She enrolled at Make-Up Designory Los Angeles Schools of Make-Up, where she received makeup artistry training and talents. She then began her career as a professional makeup artist, specializing in fashion and makeup. She’s made such a name for herself as a professional makeup artist that she’s launched a website to advertise various beauty goods and businesses.

She is also under the management of Found Model Management. She uses her Instagram fame to promote a variety of products by sponsoring posts on her account. She is also a skilled hairstylist with a specialty in special effects makeup.

Danielley Ayala Physical Appreance

Physical characteristics Danielley Ayala’s height is roughly 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm), and she weighs around 143 pounds (65 kg). She has a well-defined figure, with chest, waist, and hips measurements of 40-26-36. Danielley’s shoe size is 7 UK, and her bra size is 36D. Her hair and eyes are respectively black and dark brown in tone. She has a few tattoos on her body as well. She is incredibly attractive, which helps her succeed as a social media personality and makeup artist.

Danielley Ayala Relationship

Boyfriend With her beauty, it’s impossible to rule out the idea that many men have sought to date her. Danielley was linked to Peter Shelegin in 2015, and the two were rumored to be dating. In fact, Peter was included in nearly all of her Instagram postings, and the two appeared to be having a fantastic time. None of them, however, explicitly stated that they were in a romantic relationship.

Danielley posted a photo of herself with Peter Shelegin on March 28, 2017, with the message “we’ve been dating for around 2 years.” That was her last post about her purported boyfriend, and they have stayed silent about their relationship since then. It’s possible that the two are no longer dating, but it’s also possible that they are dating and have chosen to keep their relationship private

Danielley’s Net Worth

What is your net worth? Danielley earns a considerable amount of money as a makeup artist and Instagram personality, which contributes to her net worth. She runs a lot of ads for well-known firms on her Instagram account and self-titled website, and she gets paid nicely. Her current net worth is estimated to be $200,000 USD.

Danielley’s Social Media

Danielley Ayala is a very famous Instagram Model

Use of social media Ayala may be found on all of the major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She keeps her followers engaged and informed by posting images of herself and other activities.

She also makes money by promoting different items and brands of companies on social media, particularly Instagram. The Instagram account of Danielley Ayala has 2.4 million followers. Even virtually little is known about her family, a tweet from her Twitter account showed that she is surrounded by loving ones.

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