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Lily Newmark’s Biography

Lily Newmark's Biography
Lily Newmark
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Lily Newmark’s Biography

Lily Newmark’s Biography
She is the name of a famous British cum American Actress. Lily was well known for portraying the role of Lexi in the American space Western film called Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lily was born on 24th May 1994, in London, England, United  Kingdom.
He holds British nationality and belongs to the British cum American ethnicity. She follows the Christian religion. Lily’s father’s name is Brooks Phillip Victor Newmark. A British Conservative Politician and Former Member of Parliament and Minister.
Newmark’s mother’s name is Lucy Keegan, who is a Musician. She has four siblings and all four brothers. And their names were Sam Newmark, Zachary Newmark, Benjamin Newmark, and Max Newmark. She has raised along with her four brothers in London.

Lily Newmark’s Education

After spending two years with the Albany Theatre Company in Deptford, Lily later has joins the National Youth Theatre as an Actress. She has studied Acting and Contemporary Theatre at East 15 Acting School in Loughton, Essex. Graduated from there in the year 2016.

Lily Newmark’s Career

She was an Actress, Television Personality, Social Media Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Model. Before entering into the acting industry. She was a famous Model. Newmark has started her career as a Model.
She worked as a Model for the management companies like “Management 360” and “First Model Management Organization.” On fashion, she also said,
“I want to wipe out the model-turned-actor term. That is not in an arrogant way. It is just that it took a lot for me to train at the drama school”.
“I am such a huge fan of fashion. I would not say modeling has make it difficult my career. But people don’t understand or know that I have always been an Actor. I am not a thrash. I am a full-on actor”.

Interest In Acting

Moreover, at the age of 14, Lily’s interest in acting starts. She has joined the National Youth Theatre as an Actor. She made her television debut in 2017 by seeing in the television series called Emerald City as Ryenne. Then in the same year, Lily has launched her debut film by porting the character of Iona. Alongside actor Joanna Scanlan in the film Pin Cushion.
Next year in 2018, Lily has seen in many movies and portrays many major roles like “Juliet” as Carly, “Naked” as Carly, “Solo: A Star Wars Story” as Lexi, “Dagenham” as Robyn, “Nosebleed” as Coby, and “Wellcome To Mercy” as August.
But she rose to noticeable and creates herself as an Actress by playing the role of Lexi in the American space Western film called Solo: A Star Wars Story.
In the year 2019, she was cast in many movies like “Born a King” as Sarah, “How to Fake a War” as Peggy, and “Balance, Not Symmetry” as Stacey. Lily has also earned a reputation for her eye-catching performance in the role of Ruthie in the online television series called “Sex Education” (2019-2020).
At the same time, she was also known widely for her recurring role as Pym in the Netflix Original drama series known as “Cursed” (2020). Along with celebrities including Lily Katherine Langford, Devon Terrell, Sebastian Armesto, and others.

Lily Newmark’s Relationship Status and Children

She has not been involved in any relationship yet. She is recently busy becoming a popular actress as it is her biggest dream to win the Oscar as an Actress someday.

Lily Newmark’s Popularity on Social Media

She is active on social sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her Instagram account is Private.

Lily Newmark’s Net Worth

She has an estimated Net Worth of around $700,000. She has earned this sum of wealth from her professional acting career. Lily has also earned a decent salary of $30,000 for each episode from the web series known as Cursed.
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Alanna Panday’s Biography

Alanna Panday's Biography
Alanna Panday
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Alanna Panday’s Biography

Alanna Panday’s Biography
She is a Model and Actress. Her Father’s name is Chikki Panday, and her family is from Bollywood. Alanna’s Father also worked as a Member of the steel ministry of the Indian Government.
She is diet consist and has done lots of workouts. She is one of the most popular Celebrity Children in Bollywood. Alanna is most popular for her Instagram posts.
She was born on 16 August 1995, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Panday is an upcoming Actress and Internet Celebrity.
She is a best friend of Suhana Khan. The daughter of Famous and number one Actor of Bollywood, King Khan Shahrukh Khan. Her Father’s name is Chikki Panday, and he is a Businessman.
And his mother’s name is Deanne Panday. She is a Celebrity Fitness Expert. She has a younger brother name Ahaan Panday. Alanna is the cousin of Ananya Pandey. She is the daughter of Chunkey Pandey.

Alanna Panday’s Education

She does not start her profession yet. Now she is doing Graduation in the field of Fashion Management from London College.

Alanna Panday’s Career

She is already a passion about social media and is expects to enter Bollywood. But she is staying away from all the limelight so far. But everyone is a desire to see her shine on the silver screen.
Panday is currently connected with the fashion industry. She works as a Model for multiple brands from Skincare, Haircare, Fashion to Housing designers. Some of the brands she has already worked with are Urban habitat style, Vogue India, icing stories, fashion nova, and the Lapcos United States of America. Besides, Alanna is also the owner of the Collar Tribe.

Alanna Panday’s Relationship Status and Children

She is Unmarried. But there are some rumors on her love life on the internet that she has loved.
Alanna has a Relation with Yudi Jaising. He is the elder son of the popular Fashion Designer Monisha Jaising.

Alanna Panday’s Popularity on Social Media

She is a social media sensation. Alana has a good fan following on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Alanna has more than
630K followers on Instagram.

Alanna Panday’s Net Worth

Her Net Worth is approximately Rs. 1 to Rs. 2 Crores.
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Viren Merchant

Viren Merchant's Biography
Viren Merchant
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Viren Merchant’s Biography

Viren Merchant’s Biography
He is the most successful Businessman, Entrepreneur, and Non-Execute Director of ADF Foods Limited. He is also the CEO and Vice-Chairman of Encore Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Company. Apart from being a Businessman, he is also the good Father of Radhika Merchant.
Viren was born on January 16, 1967, in Mumbai, India. Most of his childhood was spent in his birth city. He belongs to an Indian Hindu Gujarat Business class family. His father name is Ajith Kumar Gordhandas and his mother Indu Gorhandas. He is a married and mature person.
His wife name is Shaila Marchent. Merchant has two daughters, Radhika Merchant and Anjali Merchant. Radhika had some rumors that she was in a relationship with Mukesh Amani’s youngest son Anant Ambani.

Viren Merchant’s Education

He was a very Bright and Sincere student. He has completed his Schooling at Mumbai’s Government School.

Viren Merchant’s Career

He is now one of the most successful Businessmen in our country—also the CEO and Vice-Chairman of Encore Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Company.
Merchant has been an Independent Non-Executive Director of ADF Foods Limited since the year August 10, 2016.
Viren is the Director of Encore Natural Polymers Private Limited, ZYG Pharma Private Limited, and Sai darshan Business Centres Private Limited.
His other organizations are Encore Healthcare Private Limited, Encore Business Centre Private Limited, and Encore Polyfrac Products Private Limited.
Merchant also connects to four Board Members in one different organization across one different industry.

Viren Merchant’s Relationship Status and Children

He is now a Married Man, and his beautiful wife is Shaila Merchant. He blessed them with two baby girls. The daughter’s names are Radhika Merchant and Anjali Merchant. Both of his daughters are beautiful and talented to an extreme.
Both the daughters help him in his business now. At first, they want to get creates on their own feet. So they did that and earned a handsome amount for themselves.
After that, both join their dad’s company to help him off. Viren Merchant is a very Rich and Successful Businessman. He owns really expensive stuff, and one of those is his Bungalow in Mumbai.
That is expensive and worth around 120 crores in Bandra Mumbai. He has a really good friend come family relationship with Mukesh Ambani and his family.

Viren Merchant’s Popularity on Social Media

Due to recognition of his Business. Active on Social Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Viren Merchant’s Net Worth

His annual earning is approximately around Rs. 755 Crores in the Indian rupees. However, Viren owns a Bungalow worth Rs.120 Crore in Bandra, Mumbai, India.
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NB Ridaz Biography

NB Ridaz's Biography
NB Ridaz
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NB Ridaz’s Biography

NB Ridaz’s Biography
It was a Hip hop group formerly known as NBK Nastyboy Klick.

NB Ridaz’s General Review

The group released more successful singles as Nastyboy Klick in the late year 1990s. Including “Down for Yours” in 1997, United States Billboard Hot 100 peak number 69, and “Lost in Love” in the year 1998, number 53.
Invasion, their debut album, was released in the year 2001 and reached independent charts. It’s a single from the album  “Runaway.” Drag into the Billboard Hot 100 and made the Rhythmic Top 40 along with the albums like “I Wanna Love-U.”
Their second album, and It made the Hip-Hop, Heat seeker, and Independent Charts. Album “So Fly” broke into the lower reaches of Billboard’s Hot 100 and charts on the Rap, R&B, and Rhythmist’s Top 40 charts.
“Notice Me” also reaches the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100. Receiving more musical genres than previous tracks. “Pretty Girl” also charts on the Billboard Rhythmic, R and B, and Rap charts.
Lyrics of albums “Pretty Girl,” “Forever,” “Wishing on A Star,” “Best Friends,” and different other tracks written by then twelve-year-old Leonel Tissera and 11-year-old Joseph Soto. It’s why their lyric were criticized as ‘Nursery School.’
Soto and Tissera’s creative works, in the end, catch the attention of a group. After the group’s increasing popularity, Soto and Tissera’s lyrics became some of the most famous songs. The NB Ridaz performs them.
From the year 2006, NB Ridaz was produced as a group. That most people were not aware of because they were not too famous for the beginning.
MC Magic is the founding member. Returns to Individual Artist and went on to release the Albums like “Magic City,” “Magic City Part2”, “The Rewire,” and “Million Dollar Mexican.” MC Magic is still performing and can be seen at the local flea markets and festivals. Serving his one and the only semi-hit song, known as “lost in love.”

NB Ridaz’s Popularity on Social Media

He is very active on social media sites such as Instagram.

NB Ridaz’s Biography

It all begins with the MC Magic, a Disc Jockey. He grew up in Avondale, Arizona. From breakdancing to sponsoring the teen dances at the community center. MC Magic, in the end, named himself by recording personalized songs at the local Park and act of exchange.
In the year 1991, Ridaz forms an independent record label, Nasty boy Records. Scoring the regional deed with the sultry track “Lost in Love.” Later such as the song in his year 1995 debut album called “Don’t Worry.”
In the year 1997, MC Magic forms the Nasty boy Klick. They started with the six members such as  Magic, DOS, Ziggy, Sly, Mischief (Magic’s 10-year-old son), and Bookie. Bookie soon left the group to go for an individual project before NBK became successful.
out of Phoenix, Nasty boy Klick was known as one of the top Hip Hop groups . MC Magic wants to try something new and different to grasp the attention of the Radio Stations and their Listeners; contacts the Management of Roger Troutman of Zapp and Roger. They agree to assist him with the vocals on “Down for Yours” using the popular Talk box.
Not only did it grasp the attention of local radio stations. But it also reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot Rap single chart. Firstly for any Hip-Hop group out of Phoenix. Quickly follows the success of “Down for Yours” came “AZ Side.”
That also became another hit single. It was the first record ever to receives sampling permission from Madonna. The “AZ Side Remix” was a performance of Madonna’s hit known as “Everybody.”
In the year 1998’s Nasty boy Klick released That Second Coming.  The second album , called “Lost in Love is led by the Hip Hop Ballad.” The time the record reaches number 12 on the Billboard Music Charts. After releasing their second album, NBK began touring and performing for many audiences within the following year.
Trials and sufferings, all the members return to their regular jobs. Magic returns to working at the Park and receives. In the end, Magic and DOS decide it would be in their best interest to pursue their career as a group on their own.
They were asking Management to release them from the recording contract with Upstairs Records and allowing them to undertake on their own to pursue the Magic’s wisdom.
Zig Zag and Sly, moreover, remain under the direction of Upstairs Records; start working on a new project. At the same time, Dos and Magic form the Nasty Boy Ridaz or NB Ridaz for short.

Change Of Name

Changes the name from NastyBoyKlick to NB Ridaz. Because of contractual restrictions with the old name, Magic’s son Mischief and nephew’s D-Dog were adds to the group.
The NB Ridaz’s first LP believing Invasion, was released on September 11, 2001, on Nasty Boy Records. The Invasion was made up mostly of material recording for a third NastBoyKlick CD. Like the hits like “Runaway” And “Radio Song.”
Soon after the release and the success of the single “Runaway,” Upstairs Records picked up the album; signed the Magic and Dos back to the label. Zig Zag then joins back with the Magic in 2002  and Sly.
The remaining member of NBK went individual working on a new project with the Upstairs Records. In the year 2003, moreover, Sly left the industry to raise a family. Magic’s Nephew and Son also left the NB Ridaz group to concentrates on Education.
NB Ridaz now consists of just three members like Magic, Zig Zag, and Dos, with Sly; fills in from time to time for the absent members. In the year 2004, released on the Upstairs’ Records.
It was the NB Ridaz group’s biggest album, with national success and multiple Billboard singles. The album had hits including “Pretty Girl,” “Forever,” and “So Fly.”
It broke the barriers and captured new markets that the group had never seen earlier. At the height of the group’s achievement, problems between the remaining members continue to build. In 2006, the NB Ridaz group broke up; Mc Magic and Zig Zag went individual. At the same time, Dos left the industry to concentrate on his family.
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Terry Garvin

Terry Garvin's Biography
Terry Garvin
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Terry Garvin’s Biography

Terry Garvin’s Biography
He was born on March 1, 1937; Joyal grew up in Montreal, Quebec. He is well known by his ring name Terry Garvin. He was a Canadian Professional Wrestler. Terry is well known for his work with kayfabe brother Ron Garvin.
With whom he won many Tag Team Championships in the Southern United States. He known case of sexual harassment in the year 992. It led to the end of his employment with the World’s Wrestling Federation.

Terry Garvin’s Education

Not Known.

Terry Garvin’s Career

He trains to become a Professional Wrestler at a Gym in Montreal’s Loisirs St. Jean de Baptiste church. His first wrestling debut was in the year 1958 was in Ontario.
He held the NWA’s Southern Tag Team Championship of Gulf Coast Championship Wrestling. Two times in the year 1964 with partner Chin Lee.
Starting in 1965, Garvin started an approximately five-year effort as the Tag Team Partner of Ron Garvin. In November 1967, Garvin wrestled for Championship Wrestling from Florida.
He won the Florida version of the NWA’s World Tag Team Championship with Ron Garvin. He was trading it with Paul DeMarco and Lorenzo Parente.
Garvin then begins the team with Duke Myers; the pair’s Manager was Jimmy Garvin, the Stepson of Ron Garvin. In 1972 in NWA’s Tri-State, the team won the NWA United States Tag Team Championship.
By the year 1973, Terry worked in NWA’s Mid-America. There he won the NWA’s Mid-America Tag Team Championship three times with Myers. After that, in the year, he won the title two more times with Ron Garvin.
The Garvin’s also held the Mid-America’s version of the NWA Southern Tag Team Championship that year. He returns to the Gulf Coast in the year 1974. He has teamed with Ron Garvin to win the Southeastern Championship Wrestling’s NWA’s Tennessee Tag Team Championship.
By the early year 1980s, Garvin retired from the Ring. He went on to book for Bob Geigle’s NWA territory, Central States Wrestling, in Kansas City. In 1985, Pat Patterson looked for Terry.
In the end, I was offered a job working for the World’s Wrestling Federation (WWF) behind the scenes. Terry’s employment with WWF brought to an end on March 2, 1992. For allegations of Molesting very young ring boys.

Terry Garvin’s Relationship Status and Children

He was openly Homosexual. He was excellent friends with fellow Wrestler Pat Patterson. He knew Patterson and Tag Team Partner Ron Garvin when he was growing up in Montreal.

Terry Garvin’s Popularity on Social Media

On the Wresting and Instagram, he got many fans following.

Terry Garvin’s Cause of Death

Garvin died on the year August 18, 1998, after suffering from Cancer.

Terry Garvin’s Ring boy Controversy

In the 1990s, he was accused of Sexually Harassing a very young ring boy. Then after being fired from his job after refusing Garvin’s advances. He later settles with the WWF. Garvin, Pat Patterson, and Ring Announcer Mel Phillips resign after this incident.
WWF’s Owner Vince McMahon was interviewed on Larry King Life on the incident. During the telecast, retired wrestler Barry Orton called in and accused Garvin of Sexually Assaulting him in 1978 when he was just 19 years old. Orton also accused Garvin of harming his wrestling profession after declines the sexual advances.
He spent many of his life as a Jobber; despite being part of a famous wrestling family. Like his father Bob Orton, brother Bob Orton Junior., and nephew Randy Orton.
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