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Jia Sidao’s Biography

Jia Sidao's Biography
Jia Sidao
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Jia Sidao’s Biography

Jia Sidao’s Biography
He is a Sidao (1213 to 1275) is courtesy name Shixian; also Chinese Politician; was a Chancellor of the late Song named dynasty of China. The younger brother of a Mistress of Emperor Long. The things afterward had an extraordinary favor with Emperor Dzong.
He had a role in the Mongol cum Song war of Xiangyang. An unpopulated nationalization program in the 1260s. Jia was murder by a court-designates Judge charged with his custody after his court failures in 1275.
He was born in 1213 to Jia She and Lady Hu. Hu was a refuse wife of Jia She. Jia died when she was just 11. When he earns Jinshi at the age of 25 in 1238 CE, his elder sister was already a wife of Emperor Lizong with the rank of Guifei.

Jia Sidao’s Education

Not Known.

Jia Sidao’s Career

He was a Chancellor from the years 1260 -to 1273 during the late Song dynasty of China. History  Song, Sidao has risen to the rank of the Chancellor because of his sister, Lady Jia. She is a favored wife of Emperor Long.
Jia is well known for his actions in the Battle of Xiangyang, hiding the actual situation. Xiangyang was inside heavy attack from the Mongols. It would almost certainly fall without strengthening from the Song court. Some suggest that some be responsible for its demise. Some also define Jia as Corrupt and powerless.
Jia enjoys the particular favor of Emperor Dzong. Being his Junior by 27 years, the Emperor uses to stand up upon his entrance. They called him “Teacher,” though Jia was not a helpless degree holder and never held such a formal post. He said to have to show submission in tears on one occasion, begging Sidao to remain in the office.


Jia developed a policy of land nationalization highly unpopular among the Confucians. He favored low taxes and a minor role for the state. The land survey, declared by many other officials, was undertaken ca. 1262.
It was driven by pressing military needs by the dense concentration of land in the hands of powerful landlords. They were frequently high-ranking court officials. In the year 1263 reintroduced, the Gongtian (公田, “public field.” A northern Song feature system was the amount of land held by individuals was restricted.
The excess land was classified as Gongtian. The income from Gongtian was then used to supplement the military expenditure system functions for the next 12 years. Jia’s land reform activities went even more than those undertaken by Wang Mang. Under Wang Mang, the state gets only one-third of the excess landholdings. They have provided some minimal compensation.


In contrast, Jia’s reforms give no reward; another of Jia’s targets was to abolish the Hedi policy. They were reducing the amount of paper money in circulation, as under Hedi’s policy. With the government purchasing more grain. They had to issue more paper money, which results in a rising rate of increase.
Later, at the war of Yihu, Jia Sidao, at the same time leading an army of 130,000. Panic and escaped the battlefield in a small boat. They were seeing that their commander had left them.
The troops retreated hastily; the result was a defeat whereby routed the destruction of the Song. Allows the Mongols to advance on the capital, Lin’an. As a result of this defeat, he was moved from the post of Chancellor.

Jia Sidao’s Death

The possibility of executing the Jia court failures was hotly debated in Lin’an (now Hangzhou) on the border of its fall. Dowager Empress Xie objects to this as Cruelty. But problems progressively severe decrees of punishment and property seizure. It includes Sidao and his family under the pressure of the public.
Ultimately, in 1275, Sidao was death by a court-designated sheriff, Zheng Huchen (郑虎臣), charged with his custody. If the execution was court-sanctioned remains unclear.

jia sidao Popularity on Social Media

he is popular in sites like Instagram.

In Popular Culture on Jia Sidao

In the year 2014’s Netflix Television Series Marco Polo, Jia Sidao is portrayed by Chin Han. At the same time, Olivia Cheng plays the sister to whom he owes his position. In the series, Jia was death by the entering Mongols sometime after he assassinates Dowager Empress Xie.
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Shawn Weatherly’s Biography

Shawn Weatherly's Biography
Shawn Weatherly
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Shawn Weatherly’s Biography

Shawn Weatherly’s Biography
On July 24, 1959, Weatherly was born in San Antonio, Texas, an American actress and beauty queen. Shawn won the titles of the Miss United States of America and Miss Universe in 1980.
She acted as Cadet Karen Adams in the film Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986) and Jill Riley in the first season of the Television series called Baywatch (1989 to 1990).
Shawn is the youngest of three children. Her mother, Joanne, is a former Christian Dior Model. Her father is a member of the United States Air Force stationed in San Antonio.
When Shawn was only nine years old, her family moves to Sumter, South Carolina. There Weatherly spent the rest of her childhood years.

Shawn Weatherly’s Education

She is the year 1977 Graduate of Sumter High School; attends Clemson University as a Nursing Major. Weatherly was also a Member of the Delta Sorority.

Shawn Weatherly’s Career

Beauty pageants

The Miss United States of America’s 1980 pageant was telecast live from Biloxi, Mississippi. Weatherly won the preceding competition by a clear margin. She went on to win all three rounds of the final match interview, evening gown, and swimsuit.
Shawn was the only woman to score above 9.0 in the initial rounds and the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. Weatherly was the second contestant from South Carolina to win the title.
In July 1980, she competed in the Miss Universe pageant held in Seoul, South Korea. There again, she won all rounds of competition. Shawn’s closest competitor was Miss Scotland Linda Gallagher; was the First Runner-up, and Denyse Nottle of New Zealand. She has placed second in the interview and swimsuit competitions. She was also a Second Runner-Up.
Weatherly was Fifth Miss Universe from the United States of America. Miriam Stevenson is the only other Miss United States of America from South Carolina; she won the title in 1954.
She was making contestant South Carolina one of the most prosperous states in the National Pageant Circuit. After her, no Miss United States of America will become Miss Universe until Chelsi Smith in 1995.

Film and Television

She is well known for Jill Riley on Baywatch’s Television Show and the early Reality Show known as Ocean quest. That had her swimming with sharks. Shawn played a small part in a Dukes of Hazzard episode, “Coy vs. Vance.” She has seen in other shows like The A-Team, T. J. Hooker, and Happy Days.
They also had a primary role in the 1986 comedy film called Police Academy 3: Back in Training. In 2014, she was in the horror cum comedy film Love in the Time of Monsters.

Shawn Weatherly’s Relationship Status and Children

In the year 1994, she married Chip Harris. He is the president of a Biotech Research Company. The couple has two children together. Earlier, she had relationships with Lee Majors and Dwight Clark.

Shawn Weatherly’s Popularity on Social Media

She is not available on social site platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Shawn Weatherly’s Net Worth

The American actress holds an estimated Net Worth between $1 million to $5 million. However, Weatherly has made this amount of fortune from her Modeling and Acting Profession.
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Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High
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Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High
It is also known as Black Hole High. It is a Canadian Science Fiction Television series. That first telecast in North America in October 2002 on Global Television.
It’s setting at the fictional boarding school of the title. There a Science Club five students and their teacher) investigates mysterious phenomena, most of which centered on a wormhole located on the school grounds. Extend across four seasons, and the series develops into a success. It has sold to networks around the world.
Established by Jim Rasps, the series twists elements of mystery, drama, romance, and comedy. The show’s writing structures around different scientific principles. The emotional and academic struggles combine with unfolding mysteries of unnatural nature.
In addition to its real popularity among children, adults have known it as solid family entertainment. Forty-two episodes of the series, per rough twenty-five minutes in length, have been produced; the last three premiered in January 2006.
Those three final episodes that telecast were combines win to a film, Strange Days: Conclusions. The show films at the Auch mar Estate on the Hamilton Escarpment in Hamilton, Ontario.

The plot of the Television Series

The show moves in around a group of five friends and their favorite teacher. They together join the Science Club at Blake Holsey High. A Boarding school located in southern Ontario.
The name “Blake Holsey” is a joke on the concept of a black hole. The Preternatural events constantly happen at the school, and they affect the students. Sometimes as an unexpectedly extreme consequence of their minor misbehavior.
The school’s science club considers what a speculative structure: the floating Qigong ball and Pear dyne Industries. A lab destroys years ago right next to the school. And all have to do with the mystery.

The Star Cast and Characters of the Series

Josie Trent as the role of (Emma Taylor-Isherwood)
Corrine Baxter as the role of (Shadia Simmons)
Lucas Randall as the role of (Michael Seater)
Marshall Wheeler as the role of (Noah Reid)
Vaughn Pearson as the role of (Robert Clark)
Professor Noel Zachary as the role of (Jeff Douglas)
Principal Amanda Durst as the role of (Valerie Boyle)
Victor Pearson as the role of (Lawrence Bayne)
The Janitor as the role of (Tony Munch)

Popularity on social media

they are famous on sites like instagram.

The History of the Series

It starts telecast in Canada on Global and VRAK.TV in Quebec. On the United States, the other side, it is a telecast on Discovery Kids and NBC.
In the late year of March 2003, almost six months after its North American debut. It is sold the series to several international markets at the annual Mip Television held at Cannes, France.
The British broadcasting network ITV buys the Terrestrial television right to the series. In contrast, they sold the pay television rights to Fox Kids. That became Jetix in the year 2005 in Europe and Latin America.
It shows the series in countries like the United Kingdom, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Panama.

Disney Channel

With the Disney Channel, Fox Kids Europe has a partnership deal. That enables the show to broadcast in Australia, New Zealand, France, and Asia. In Russia (Tomsk), the series telecast on CTC.
In Denmark, it telecast on TV2 Denmark. It also telecast in other European countries. Like Norway and other Scandinavian nations. The Netherlands, Portugal, Israel, Poland, Turkey, Italy, and Colombia in South America.
The children’s television channel in the United Kingdom, Pop Girl, obtain the rights to show the series in 2012. With a host of other developed programs like another season of Life With Derek, Family Biz, Mortified, and Zoey 101.
They brought together, and Black Hole High was the last to be shown. Coming Soon of trailers starts broadcasting on the channel until its September 29 debut. It was the first telecast of the show in almost five years. The series is recently telecasting.
Fireworks Entertainment is behind Days at Blake Holsey High, which closed down after Season 3. Three additional series episodes were telecasting as a finale film’s event on January 28, 2006. On the Discovery Kids channel, the series is called “Strange Days Conclusions.”
As in June 2006, no episode or season of Strange Days at Blake Holsey High has release legally to DVD in any country. In 2004 announced that a DVD box set of season one was to release in the United Kingdom. Websites Amazon put up the DVD for pre-order. Later pulled the release without explanation lease.


The series has been nominated for many awards but won none. Writers like Jeff King, Jeff Schechter, and Thérèse Beaupré appoints for episodes broadcast in 2003 at the 31st Daytime Emmy Awards in 2004. On the category of outstanding writing in a series of Children.
Emma Taylor cum Isherwood, Shadia Simmons, and Robert Clark were each given the Young Artist Award nominations early in 2003. Although Taylor-Isherwood places in the supporting category. Simmons was situated to lead.
Clark was considered a “Guest Actor.” Simmons receives a second nomination in the following year, alongside actor Talia Schlager (Madison).
The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television nominates creative team Tony Thatcher, Adam Haight, Jeff King. Kevin May for the Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series at the Gemini Awards in late 2004. The Directors Guild of Canada is also known for the show in Sound Editing, Team Achievement. The product as a whole in the year 2003 and 2004.
In 2006’s Strange Days was nominated for two Emmy Awards: “Outstanding Children’s Series” and “Outstanding Writing.”
The series paused in the United Kingdom in early September 2006; but returned on November 6, 2006. The show has since taken out from the Jetix schedules.
The series is recently available for streaming on Amazon Prime.
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Nanjing Monkey Kings Biography

About Nanjing Monkey Kings Team

Nanjing Monkey Kings

Hi, Friends Today, sharing more exciting information on Nanjing Monkey Kings.

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About Nanjing Monkey Kings Team

About Nanjing Monkey Kings Team

This team is a Chinese Traditional Chinese pinyin in the Chinese language, known as Nánjīng Tóngxī Dàshèng. These Chinese Professional Basketball teams are in Nanjing, Jiangsu; they play in the Southern Division of the Chinese Basketball’s Association (CBA).

The club joins the league ahead of the 2014 to 15 CBA season as the Jiangsu Tongxi Monkey Kings. After spending the first seven campaigns at the lower levels of the country’s Basketball Authority. The team was renamed the Nanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings after the year 2016 to 17’s CBA season.

Nanjing Monkey Kings Team popularity on social media

they are famous on sites like instagram.

The Roster

Note: Flags shows the National Team Eligibility at FIBA sanctioned events. Players may hold the other non-FIBA Nationalities not displayed.

Nanjing Monkey King hosts Shanxi Loongs in the Chinese CBA. Longs are the fav to win based on the odds but have been poor recently. It is therefore not advisable to back them. Back the hosts with a positive 14 points handicap with max available stake of 10 units.

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A-Mei’s Biography

A-Mei's Biography
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A-Mei’s Biography

A-Mei’s Biography
She was born on 9 August 1972, a Puyuma family in Beinan, Taitung, Taiwan. Mei is Better known by her stage name A-Mei. She is a Taiwanese Puyuma Singer and Record Producer.
In the year 1996, she made her singing debut and released her album, called Sisters; her albums like Truth (2001), Amit (2009), and Faces of Paranoia (2014). Each of the albums won her a Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer.
It made her one of the singers who won the category the most times—having sold more than 50 million records. Mei has achieved success in the Mandarin-speaking world. She is frequently known as the “Queen of Mandopop.” Her Puyuma-language name is Kulilay Amit. Possibility scripted Gulilai Amit.

A-Mei’s Education

She studied at the National Taitung College Chengdu Campus.

A-Mei’s Career

In the year 1992, she moved to Taipei. Mei took part in the Five Lights Star Singing Contest presented by the Taiwanese Television program Five Lights Awards. Mei made it through to the finals but lost in the final round.
In 1993, she attended the Talbumshe singing contest again and won. After that, she joined her cousin’s band in 1995 and performed in pubs in Taipei. Her Pub performance impresses Taiwanese Music Producers Chang Yu-sheng and Chang Hsiao-yen.
The head of Taiwanese’s Record Label Forward Music at the time. In the year March 1996, Mei signed a recording deal with the forwarding Music.
She sang in a national singing contest at the age of 17; discovered by forwarding Music, 1995; debut single album “Sisters” sold around 700,000 copies, 1997; sang in mainland China, 1998.
Signed an advertising contract with Sprite and sang at Taiwanese president’s inauguration, 2000. Political furor dampened career; comeback concert in mainland China, 2001.

A-Mei’s Albums

Her song Albums are Sisters (1996), Bad Boy (1997), Holding Hands (1998), Feeling (EP) (1999), Can I Hug You, Lover? (1999), Regardless (2000), Journey (2001), and Truth (2001).
The other song albums like Fever (2002), Brave (2003), Maybe Tomorrow (2004),
I Want Happiness? (2006), Star (2007), Amit (2009), R U Watching? (2011), Faces of Paranoia (2014), Amit 2 (2015) and
Story Thief (2017).

A-Mei’s Relationship Status and Children

She is now in a firmly fixed relationship with her Bartender boyfriend, Sam. Both have been dating for around five years, her longest relationship to date. He even had A-Mei’s name tattooed on his left arm to declare his love for her. Sam is also said to have attended all over A-Mei’s concert, not missing a single one.

A-Mei’s Popularity on Social Media

She has many fan followers on Social Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A-Mei’s Net Worth

She is one of the Wealthiest Singers, listed as the most popular Singer. Her estimated Net Worth is approximately $ 1.5 Million.
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