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Caila Marsai Martin: Bio, Wiki, Age, Movies, Family, Height & Net Worth



caila marsai martin

Caila Marsai Martin is a actress. She was cast in “Black-ish” and has received numerous awards. She was born on was born August 14, 2004.

Caila was nominated for six additional awards, including three NAACP Image Awards, for Outstanding Supporting Actress, in Comedy Series.

Marsai has been nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards. Continue reading to learn more about this talented young actress.

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Caila Marsai Martin bio

caila marsai martin

Caila Marsai Mart is an actress. She was born in Plano, Texas to Joshua and Carol. Sydney, her younger sister, is an actress and producer.


They are best friends. She has appeared in many movies, as well as her role on “Blackish”.

Caila Marsai Marti was born in 2004. When she made her debut on ABC’s comedy show Black-ish, she was only 17 years old.

Since her debut, she has appeared in many movies and TV shows.

The ABC sitcom Black-ish’s Diane Johnson is her most well-known role.

Other notable roles include “Fun Mom Dinner” and “Nina.” Caila Marsai Mart was 2019’s youngest producer of a studio movie.


Time magazine listed the actress among its 100 “Next” people because of her impressive career.

Caila Marsai Martin wiki

Caila Marsai Martai Martin is an American actress. Her role as Diane Johnson in the ABC sitcom Blackish is her most well-known.

When the show premiered in 2014, she was the first to play the role.

Martin is the daughter Rainbow Johnson and Andre Anderson. The show was created by Kenya Barris.

Marsai Martin won many awards for her role as a pioneer. She was nominated for six NAACP Image Awards as well as two Screen Actors Guild Awards.


She is of African American descent. Her parents raised her in Texas. Marsai studied acting at Cathryn Sullivan Acting For Film as a child.

At five years old, the star got her first acting job. She is single and has never been with any boyfriends.

Caila Marsai movies

Caila Marsai Mart is an American actress. As the lead character in “An American Girl Story Melody 1963”, she made her film debut.

She also sang the soundtrack to “Nina”. She made her studio debut with “Little” in 2019.

Caila was the youngest person to produce a feature-length film and she also acted.


Caila Marsai Mart was born in Plano Texas. When she was five years old, her parents, Joshua, and Carol, were involved in numerous commercials.

She was a Choice Hotel commercialist at the age of 5. After signing contracts with many talent agencies, she moved to Los Angeles.

Cathryn Sullivan Acting For Film gave her her diploma and she went on to star as Little in comedy “Little.”

Caila parents

She is the daughter Joshua and Carol Martin who are both successful businesspeople.

Genius Production is her parent’s business. Her parents are supportive of her acting career. Marsai is the oldest of her three siblings.


Her father started contacting photographers to do a photo shoot and promised to send the photos to talent agencies.

Caila physical appearance

Brown hair and brown eyes are her characteristics. Caila Marsai  is 5ft 2ins tall.

Caila net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $1.8 million at the end of 2022.

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