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Bridget Regan: Bio, Age, Movies, Husband & Net Worth



bridget regan

Bridget Regan: She is an American actress. She was born on 3 February 1982, in San Diego County, California, United States.

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Bridget Regan Biography

bridget regan

Actress Bridget Regan is still relatively young, despite her notable career.

Born in Carlsbad, California, Regan graduated from North Carolina School of the Arts, where she studied acting under Gerald Freedman.

Her earliest role was that of Cecile Leroux in the film Is He Dead?, an adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic novel.


Regan also starred as the title character in the comedy-drama Beauty and the Beast, a role she had originated.

Regan was born in California and grew up in Carlsbad, California. Her ancestors were Irish and German, and she has a mixed-race heritage.

She attended San Dieguito Academy High School and then the North Carolina School of the Arts, where she majored in Fine Arts.

After graduating from college, Regan moved to New York. Regan is the youngest member of the cast of The Office.

Bridget Regan movie career

Bridget Regan’s movie credits are varied, but there’s a lot you should know about her.


She has acted in a variety of movies and has also produced and directed many films. She’s also appeared in television shows, such as Sex and the City.

If you’re interested in learning more about the actress, read on to learn more about her movies and TV appearances.

This actress has been in several movies and TV shows, including The Last Waltz, the sequel to the critically acclaimed drama series The X-Files, and the movie “The Big Easy.”

Among her many films, Regan starred in the fantasy film Legend of the Seeker.

Based on the novel by Terry Goodkind, the film depicts the eternal struggle between good and evil.


The film starred Regan as the main character, Richard Cypher, and Darken Rahl as his antagonist.

She portrayed both characters in the film, which won several awards. She also played a role in the recurring drama White Collar, as Darken’s Mother Confessor.

In a television series called “The Sword of Truth,” Regan was also seen as the teen protagonist, Kahlan Amnell.

In the movie, Darken is accompanied by Tabrett Bethell as the helper of the villain, Darken.

Bridget personal life

As an actress and musician, Bridget Regan is married to Irish actor Eamon O’Sullivan.


They met in New Zealand, where she was studying. Her husband is an Irish Catholic.

The Legend of the Seeker premieres Dec. 6 on the Turner-owned cable network.

A few details about their love life can be found below. Currently, the couple has two children.

They are not yet officially divorced. They have been married since 2022.

Bridget Regan was born in California, in the state of San Diego. Her parents are Jim Regan and Mary Catherine Hagedorn. She belongs to a mixed ethnic background.


She was raised in Carlsbad, California, and is an American citizen. She attended the San Dieguito Academy High School.

In her early years, she was involved in drama and was in college. In 2006, she starred in the TV pilot The Wedding Album.

After college, she worked in Hollywood and went on to achieve fame and fortune as an actress.

Bridget net worth

Her net worth is currently estimated at $1.5 million.

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