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Ashton Kutcher Reflects on Painful Loss when Ex-Wife DemiMoo

Ashton Kutcher is now the father of two children with Mila Kunis and has spoken out about Demi Moore’s ‘painful” pregnancy loss while they were together.

Ashton Kutcher (44), rarely speaks about his ex-wife Demi, 60. Demi revealed that Ashton had cheated on her in Inside Out 2019, her memoir.

Ashton discussed their relationship and Demi’s miscarriage late in the pregnancy

Ashton Kutcher Reflects on PainfulLoss when Ex-Wife DemiMoo

In a new interview with Esquire, Ashton discussed their relationship and Demi’s miscarriage late in the pregnancy. The Your Place Or Mine star stated that losing a child you thought you would have and being so close to having a child is very painful. He added, “Everyone deals that in their own way.”

Before he met Demi, Ashton didn’t have any children. After they were married, Ashton became a stepfather for Demi and her ex-husband Bruce Willis, their three daughters, which included Rumer Willis.

Ashton said that he loves children to Esquire. Ashton said, “I wouldn’t have married a woman who had three children if I didn’t love them.” He said that the idea of having another child would have been amazing, referring to Demi’s tragic pregnancies six months earlier. “I had to have this experience, regardless of the reason.”

Ashton cheating on Demi

Demi previously stated in her memoir that Ashton had intended to name their daughter ChaplinRay. After Ashton cheating on Demi (who was struggling with drug abuse at that time), they got married in 2005.

However, they divorced in 2013. In the Esquire interview Ashton stated that “Nothing makes me feel like a failure as divorce.” Divorce can feel like a huge f ****** fail. You failed in marriage.

After their divorce, Ashton and Demi led separate lives. However, Demi’s memoir brought their relationship back to the forefront in 2019.

Esquire was shocked to learn that Ashton had admitted to being “f pissed” at the book’s Ghoststar, which included the alleged threesomes.

“I had finally reached a place where the media had really laid off me, Mila, my life and my loved ones. Ashton explained that the paparazzi were at my children’s school the next day. “I don’t want to let anything in that realm.

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