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Amy Acker: Bio, Age, Movies, Tv Shows, Husband, Kids & Net Worth



actress Amy acker

Amy Acker is an American actress who has appeared on numerous TV shows and movies.

She has played many important roles, including Winifred Burkle on the ABC show Angel.

Her other roles include Kelly Peyton on Alias and Root on Person of Interest.

In addition, she is the youngest member of the cast of the critically acclaimed series The Americans.

In addition to her work on TV, Acker has a long list of published books and has a successful podcast.


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Amy Acker bio

actress Amy acker


Amy Acker began her career in television, and she went on to graduate from Southern Methodist University with a degree in theater.

During her time at Southern Methodist, she modeled for various catalogs, including those for J. Crew.

Her husband, James Carpinello, is also an actor. The couple has two children. They were married on 25 April 2003.


In addition to her TV work, Amy Acker has also starred in movies. She starred in the critically acclaimed series Angel.

Her other notable roles include Kelly Peyton in Alias (2005-2006), Winifred Burkle in The Gifted, and Root in Person of Interest.

In recent years, Amy Acker has starred in the superhero drama series The Gifted.

In addition to her acting work, she is an accomplished dancer, and she has performed in several ballet performances.

Amy Acker movies

Acker began her acting career on television series “Angel” in 2001.


She played Fred Burkle on the show for five seasons, before morphing into the ancient demon Illyria for the final season.

In 2006, Acker joined Joss Whedon’s “Alias,” and acted in several guest roles.

In 2010, she rejoined Whedon for “Dollhouse.” In the fall of 2017, she created her own role on the CBS drama series Person of Interest as Caitlin Strucker.

Acker’s film career started with her role in Steven Spielberg’s “Catch Me If You Can.”

She then appeared in Joss Whedon’s science fiction series “Dollhouse.”


She then joined the cast of the 2012 film adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.”

With a growing list of film and television credits, she has become one of Hollywood’s most prolific young actresses.

Amy tv shows

The Texan starred in many TV shows, including Drive, How I Met Your Mother, and Criminal Intent.

She was also a guest star on The Good Wife and appeared in the horror film The Cabin in the Woods.

Acker has also appeared in films, including the award-winning thriller The Revenant.


One of the television shows where Acker first made an impact was Angel, in which she starred as Winifred “Fred” Burkle, a human who was possessed by the ancient deity Illyria.

The series was so successful that Acker earned four Saturn Award nominations and won the Best Supporting Actress award in 2004.

Acker also appeared in popular series Wishbone and starred in four seasons of the hit show “Person of Interest.”

She also appeared in an episode of the reboot of the classic series “MacGyver,” where she played the worried mother Andrea Barr.

Amy husband

Amy Acker’s husband is James Carpinello, a talented actor. The couple married in 2022.


Their zodiac signs are Gemini and Leo, respectively. Amy Acker is 45 years old, while James Carpinello is 46.

Amy Acker has been in one relationship before this one, and neither is currently engaged. In 2004, she modeled for the J. Crew catalog. However, she later divorced Carpinello.

The couple married on April 25, 2003, in California. Since then, the couple has two children. The couple has a daughter, named Ava Grace Acker, and a son, Jackson James Carpinello.

Amy net worth

Acker’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of $3-5 million.

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