Zack Ward is a Canadian actor. He was born on Toronto, Canada. In this article we are going to discuss everything about Zack Ward.

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Zack Ward Biography

zack ward

You may be curious about the age of Zack Ward. The talented actor was born on 31 August 1970 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

His age is 52. He was the youngest of the two children born to a single mother and a father who was an accomplished actress.

In order to make his life easier, his parents provided the actor with the best possible upbringing.

His parents were both successful in their own right, so he had plenty of support growing up.

While growing up, Ward worked on a variety of projects. He co-founded the film company Grit Film Works with actor James Cullen Bressack.

The two co-produced the horror movie Restoration and the thriller Bethany. His weight is Not Available.

His height is 5 feet and 10 inches. He played Scut Farkus in the perennial Christmas movie A Christmas Story.

The actor has since appeared in countless TV shows and movies, from guest roles to hard roles in horror films.

Zack Ward movie career

Canadian actor Zack Ward is best known for his role as the schoolyard bully Scott Farkus in the 1983 holiday classic ‘A Christmas Story’.

The talented actor has also starred in several prime-time television dramas and has appeared in a number of films, including Transformers and BloodRayne 2.

The first movie Zack Ward starred in was Freddy vs. Jason, a cult classic that he starred in at just 32 years old.

The following year, he co-starred in ‘The Club’ and starred as Moody Spurgeon in the Anne of Green Gables sequel, ‘The Continuing Story’.

However, audiences and critics were less than impressed with his performance in this movie.

Since his debut in the ’80s, Zack Ward has continued to make headlines with his increasingly diverse and successful career.

His breakout role as the evil Scut Farkus was a memorable one, and earned him acclaim as a rising star.

Zack Ward’s other movies have earned him acclaim, including ‘Deadwood’ (2004) and ‘All Us’.

He has also appeared in ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ (2008), as well as ‘Dollhouse’ (2009-2010).

Zack personal life

Whether you’re interested in finding out if Zack Ward is married or not, there’s no shortage of information on this talented actor.

Born in 1970, he is 52 years old and a Canadian citizen. He is best known for his role as Farkus in the Christmas movie “A Christmas Story.”

If you’re interested in finding out whether Ward is married or single, read on to discover the details of his previous relationships and affairs.

As a successful actor, Zack Ward has built an impressive fortune. His wife, Jennifer McMahan-Ward, is an American woman. They were married in August 2018.

Zack net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

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