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YourRage’s Biography

YourRage – Career, Personality & Net Worth

He was born on the date of 17th August 1997 in the United States of America. And apart from being of American nationality, it is also of African-American ethnicity.

His real identity and the details about his family members and their background have never been publicly released to the present day.

YourRage’s Education

There is not any relevant information on YourRage’s educational background either.

YourRage’s Career

He is an internet celebrity and YouTube star. He is probably best known for running his group YouTube channel. That is abundant with various content like Reaction videos, Pranks and Gaming recordings.

YourRage started his career in the digital world in January 2017 when he launched his group YouTube channel – YourRage. In which he started uploads the reaction videos.

These videos on which he expresses his opinions and his rage reactions to a variety of things. Like other YouTuber’s content, NBA highlights, Basketball, and Gaming content. Quickly gathered numerous views and attracted a massive number of followers.

He even uploads videos in which he ‘reacts’ while being on various drugs like Marijuana, Crack and Mushrooms, among several others. To a more significant noticeable, YourRage came in October 2017.

When he uploads a clip in which he reacts to the video of Desiree Mitchell twerking. The footage quickly accumulates more than 250,000 views. At the same time, YourRage earns a considerable dose of popularity in the online community.

As mentioned above, he expands its fame by uploading collaboration videos with another YouTube star called Solluminiti. One of the most popular current videos on his YouTube channel is The Rage of Pretty Boy Fredo.

That has been viewed over 460,000 times, “Solluminiti Reacts To Cash Nasty Reacting To The 1v1.” It has been seen more than 538,800 times, and “DDG Reacts To “Gay Venchy” “Givenchy” Parody.” It has gathered over 1.2 million views so far.

YourRage’s channel currently has a total of 452 videos that have been played more than 55,046,470 times and have accumulated over 250,000 subscribers.

For his content and his popularity among the audience. He enlisted on the YouTube Stars list.

YourRage’s Relationship Status

Despite all his fame in the online world and his daily on-camera appearances, he has somehow managed to keep his life entirely private and far from the mass media.

There are no relevant yet available details on his romantic connections or love affairs. So, it is a pretty argument that he is currently single.

YourRage’s Popularity on Social Media

From YouTube, he is also active on several other popular social media networks such as Twitter. His official page has gathered over 12,500 followers and Instagram; his account – @yourrage, currently counts over 26,500 fans.

YourRage’s Net Worth

Have one ever surprise how much wealth this famous YouTube star has gathered so far? He estimates that the total of YourRage’s net worth, as of early 2019, exceeds the amount of $100,000.

With a monthly income topping around $3,500. All obtain through his group’s YouTube channel. It has been active only since early 2017.

His wealth would seem sure to increase steadily, assuming that he successfully continues with his career.

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