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Wardy Joubert III’s Biography

Wardy Joubert III

He is known as Wood. Wardy is an American Preacher and Football Coach.

The subject of an internet meme that has move continuously since the year 2012. Joubert was born on August 30, 1971, in San Francisco.

He got the Nickname “Wood” as a kid. At the same time, he was playing baseball after high school. Wardy became a Semi-Pro place Football Player. He worked as a Football Coach.

He becomes a Deacon at the St. Paul Tabernacle Baptist Church in San Francisco. He acts in Pornographic Videos as a side profession.
Joubert died of a Heart Attack in the year 2016 at the age of 45.

Wardy Joubert III’s Education

He studied in High School.

Wardy Joubert III’s Meme

In the year 2009, he modelled for a Nude Photo. At the same time, he was sitting on a bed. This photo was published on the internet and collected attention for the visible size of Joubert’s penis.

The meme was called “Wood Sitting on a Bed”. Afterwards shared it on the websites like 4chan and Reddit in the year 2012.

2020, meme reformed as part of a COVID-19 prank; whereby shared the photo on the WhatsApp. Under the external form of being an alert related to the virus.

Like Barstool Sports and comedian Tom Segura, some companies start to promote the photo by selling clothing with his image.

In the year May 2020, WIN News in Ballarat, Victoria, accidentally broadcast a Photoshopped Video. That includes the photo of Joubert.

Wardy Joubert III’s Relationship Status and Children

His girlfriend name is Heather Alegria. There are not much more information about his Marital Status and Children.

Wardy Joubert III’s Popularity on Social Media

Not Known. But he has a lot of fan pages on Instagram.

Wardy Joubert III’s Net Worth

Not Known.

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