Tyrel Jackson Williams is an American actor. He starred as Leo Dooley in the Disney XD television series Lab Rats and co-starred in the 2014 Disney XD film Pants on Fire.

Jackson appeared in television series like Failure to Launch (2006), Modern Family (2009), and Fletcher to Launch. He is also a member of the cast of the comedy series Brockmire.

Get to know him, more closely in this following article, we have collected some information regarding him. You will get to know about his sexuality too! So stay by this article.

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Tyrel Jackson Williams bio

tyrel jackson williams

Tyrel Jackson Williams was born on the 16th of March 1997 in the state of New York.

He grew up with his parents, LeRoy and Angela Williams. His parents are a retired police sergeant and a singer-songwriter.

Tyler Jackson Williams’s parents have been married for 31 years and have been together for 38.

The couple is close to Tyler, who attributes his success to his parents’ understanding and dedication.

At an early age, Tyrel Jackson wanted to be on a Disney show. He was 15 years old and was curious about the characters.

He later appeared in television series like Failure to Launch (2006), Modern Family (2009), and Fletcher to Launch.

In 2014, he portrayed Mikey in the comedy film Paint on Fire. His career continued to grow and he even worked with Sarah Jessica Parker in Fletcher to Launch.

Tyrel Jackson Williams movies & TV shows

Tyrel Jackson Williams is an American actor who has starred in several films and television shows.

His recent TV credits include Disney XD series Lab Rats and Pants on Fire.

Additionally, he starred in the comedy series Brockmire. Read on to learn more about the actor’s career.

Despite the fact that he is an actor, Tyrel hasn’t had a publicized love life. He has not spoken about his relationship status or affairs with the press.

Some fans, however, believe that he is gay. This is based on the fact that he has never been photographed with a girl.

However, he has appeared on multiple occasions kissing a boy, and hasn’t commented on the rumors.

Tyrel physical appearance

Tyrel Jackson Williams has a height of 5ft 10in (1.78m) and weighs 77Kg (165lbs). He has dark brown hair and brown eyes. .

Tyrel personal life

Although his name may suggest otherwise, he is not married and has no past relationships.

However, it’s hard to tell whether he’s gay or not, since he has never spoken publicly about any of them.

However, there are some rumors about his past relationships. To begin with, fans think that Tyrel is gay.

Although he has never been photographed with a girl, he has been spotted kissing a boy in public.

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