Tricia Day

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Tricia Day’s Biography

Tricia Day’s Biography
She is an American Racing Driver. Tricia is one of the fast and furious members of the Memphis family. She likes to do extraordinary challenges on the racing track while driving her 1966’s Chevy Nova on the series called Street Outlaws: Memphis.
Her fans frequently call her designed because she is five feet tall. Also faster than the light on the racing track. She will do anything when her husband puts her into anything that amazes him.
Tricia Day’s is in her mid-40s and was born in Memphis, Tennessee. Going by her nationality, this makes her American. Not many things will change about the star’s early life. Save for the phenomenon that, like her husband. Day’s fell in love with racing right from a very young age.

Tricia Day’s Career

Her street racing name is Midget. Perhaps it originates from her small frame. Much like her husband, Tricia starts racing from a very early age.
Midget was a happening hit from her very first sudden attack onto the sand. Alongside her husband, Tricia steadily rose in rank and reputation. The star was one of the crews on her husband’s pack of drivers. Both did anything and everything to win. As such, they became a force to be created by the calculation.
JJ Da Boss’ wife Tricia’s life and career took a significant turn. When she sent her husband to prison for causing an accident, all of a sudden, Day lost her partner and leader.
The crew was not the same without JJ. Regardless. They did not less this break them. Tricia continues to make waves on the streets. When her husband got out, the pair went on to feature on the Street Outlaws, Memphis.

Tricia Day’s Relationship Status and Children

This beautiful Racer is a married woman; her husband’s name is Jonathan Day. He is known well by his street name, JJ Da Boss. The two were long-time lovers. Before they decide to tie the knot, both have been married for over a decade now.

Tricia Day’s Popularity on Social Media

She is not active on social sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But her husband is busy on Social sites and always keep posting family’s photos.

Tricia Day’s Net Worth

She has a Net Worth of $500 Thousand as of 2020. Day earns fruitful earnings as a competitive Street Racer. So, she probably receives $50,000 per annum. It is equivalent to an American Street Racer.
Like Tricia, her husband, JJ Da Boss, makes a productive fortune from his streetcar racing on the Street Outlaws: Memphis series. From this, he seizes $20,000 per episode from the show. Reportedly, his Net worth was $1 Million in 2020.
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