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Trevor Henderson Biography

Trevor HendersonHe was born on April 11th, 1986, and when Henderson was little, he has always been interested in Horror and Monsters. Trevor’s father is also a horror lover. He introduces Henderson to the style.

Both Henderson’s parents are supportive of his work. Henderson does not write, although he mainly has a caption for every image he uploads.

Trevor Henderson’s Education

Henderson has graduated from the OCAD University.

Trevor Henderson Career

Henderson started his career by releasing his books. He is a Canadian illustrator, is best known for his horror-themed and ghostly drawings. Henderson has published several books and graphic novels.

His first novel Odd Noises in Empty Room, and a collection of short horror stories with ghost drawings.

And his second is a fast comic, Bad Things Coming. Henderson primarily inspires by monsters from various movies from the years of 1970s to the 1980s.

He uploaded various horror images on his Instagram account, which he made, which gained popularity, and his followers started making compilations of Henderson’s ideas, which quickly grew in popularity.

Henderson has also featured in the Hyakki Yagya: Night Parade of 100 Demons project, where he, along with other 24 illustrators, created their pieces, which got displayed.

His most famous creation, Siren Head, has added Fallout 4 as a mod for people to play.

Somebody create a Siren Head article for the SCP Foundation. The Foundation has shot it down. Henderson has wishing to keep Siren Head as its work. The article above has deleting to discourage attempts at recreating Siren Head as an SCP.

Bill Day, the filmmaker, also create his own YouTube video. There he exposes the falseness if the Siren Head is real or not.

Trevor Henderson Relationship Status

He also has a girlfriend named Jenn. She always sees it in his Instagram posts.

Trevor Henderson’s Popularity on Social Media

He is a very eager fan and game player of the PlayStation 2. He has a popular Instagram account with over 220,000 followers.

Trevor Henderson Net Worth

Trevor Henderson’s net worth is approximately $1.5 Million.

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