Timothy Hawking
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Timothy Hawking’s Biography

Timothy Hawking’s Biography
He is a famous British Physician. Who is more famous for being the stepson of Late Stephen Hawking. Timothy is states of being the youngest of Stephen’s children in public. At the same time, his biological father is Jonathan Hellyer Jones.
He was born on April 15, born in 1979, in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. He holds British nationality and belongs to the White English ethnicity. His father was Stephen Hawking, an English Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Author, Educator, and great Scientist from Oxford.
Timothy’s mother name was Jane Beryl Wilde. An English Author and Teacher. He has siblings and an elder brother named Robert Hawking and an elder sister named Lucy Hawking.
Hawking never had a happy childhood like his siblings. He got the only chance to have a conversation with his father only after celebrating his fifth birthday.

Timothy Hawks Education

He has received a graduate degree in Spanish and French language from the Exter University in England. Then Timothy moves to the University of Birmingham to continue his higher studies. At the same time, he is continuing his studies at the University of Birmingham.

Timothy Hawking’s Career

He used to work for some small companies in the United Kingdom as an Account Manager. Later he joined LEGO as a Loyalty Executive in March 2010. Moreover, unlike his father, Tim holds a low profile when it comes to the occupation.
Besides, he has got many promotions in the same company as an Assistant Marketing Manager and Loyalty Rewards Manager. Now, Timothy was working as a Group’s Brand Development Manager in London.
He is recently working at Hawking Family Estate Executorship. And take care of Legacy Management, Copyright protection, Brand Development, according to his LinkedIn’s profile.

Timothy Hawking’s Relationship Status and Children

He admits that he could not communicate with his father for up to 5 years due to his father’s becoming progressively worse speech. Timothy regular visit to his father’s place has certainly made his father a happy man during his early childhood. He said how happy his father was when he turns 60.
He also shares how they play chess together. His father was a tough competition and was not the easiest argument at any game, particularly chess. In a BBC documentary, Timothy discloses how he uses to program offensive words. Into his father’s speech machine and plays a prank.
Their relationship improves with the passing years. But Hawking is not the biological son of Stephen. Despite that, they share a heartwarming relationship till the last days of Stephen.
According to his family, on March 14, 2018, Stephen Hawking died at the age of 76  in Cambridge, England. His demise is a great loss for the family and the World.

Timothy Hawking’s Popularity on the Social Media

He has not been involved on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Timothy Hawking’s Net Worth

He has an estimated Net Worth of around $50,000. On the other side, Timothy’s father, Stephen, has an estimated Net Worth of around $20 million. He has earned this exceptionally large sum of wealth through his various an attempt to achieve a goal.
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