Rupali Ganguly is an Indian actress, who is most known for her work on television shows.

She has starred in many movies and television shows in her native India.

You can find her bio, tv shows, and net worth in this article. Also, find out about her husband and kids.

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Rupali ganguly bio

rupali ganguly

Rupali Ganguly is an Indian actress. She is famous for her roles in Indian television shows.

Her bio highlights her varied career. Read on to discover more about this talented woman.

In this Rupali Ganguly bio, you will learn more about her achievements. She has worked in various roles from TV serials to television movies.

Her bio can help you decide whether she is right for your favorite TV show or film role.

Born in Kolkata, Rupali Ganguly is an actress who started her career in television serial Sukanya. She comes from a Bengali Hindu family.

Rupali Ganguly is active on social networking sites, including Instagram and Twitter, where she has more than one million followers.

Rupali Ganguly is married to Ashwin K Verma, an Indian businessman. Her bio provides a look into her personal life and career.

Rupali ganguly tv shows

In the Indian film and television industry, Rupali  is an Indian actress known for her work in several TV shows.

Despite her limited acting experience, her roles in these series were praised by the critics.

Rupali work on these series has earned her an award for Best Supporting Actress. Her films include The Assassin’s Apprentice and The Return of the King.

Her work on these television series has earned her a place in the hearts of many film lovers.

After appearing in several popular television shows, Rupali got married in 2013.

She has also appeared on a number of reality TV shows and is a successful advertisement agent.

Rupali also hosts the film-related show Bioscope on Doordarshan. Here are some of her TV shows:

Rupali personal life

Rupali married Ashwin K Verma in 2013, and the couple lives in Mumbai, India.

Rupali’s husband Ashwin is a businessman and he is well-known in the city. Ashwin is the owner of the creative firm New York Live Ideas Corporation.

The couple is happily married and have a nine-year-old son named Rudransh.

While Ashwin is a famous businessman, he is also a successful artist and an acclaimed artist.

Rupali net worth

Her net worth is between 1-5 million.

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