Paul Hogan AM is an Australian actor and comedian. He was born on 8 October 1939, in Sydney, Australia.

He was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role in the 1985 television miniseries ‘Crocodile Dundee’.

His film career has also included roles in several television series and films.

He was nominated for an Academy Award in 1988 for his role in ‘Band of Brothers,’ and is the recipient of several honors, including an AFI Life Achievement Award.

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Paul Hogan AM bio

paul hogan am

After starring in the critically acclaimed 1986 film Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan’s reputation soared.

The film was made on a modest budget of less than $10 million and was a worldwide hit.

Hogan received a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Motion Picture for his role. The film also garnered nods from the BAFTA and Academy Awards.

Paul Hogan AM is a celebrated Australian actor and comedian. He is perhaps best known for his role as Michael Crocodile Dundee in the 1986 comedy film Crocodile.

He was nominated for an Academy Award for his work in Crocodile Dundee and was awarded a Golden Globe for his performance.

However, his marriage to Linda Kozlowski, whom he married in 1958, ended in divorce in 2014.

Before being nominated for the Australian Order of Australia, Hogan worked as a painter for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

His work in the arts led to him being nominated for several awards and he even created his own sketch comedy series.

He also won the Australian of the Year award from the National Australia Day Council in 1985 and was appointed an AM in the 1986 Australia Day Honours List.

Paul Hogan’s bio includes a list of his many accomplishments and honors.

Paul Hogan AM movie

During the 1990s, Paul Hogan appeared in a handful of movies, including the flop “Crocodile Dundee”.

However, his career picked up again in the early 2000s, when he starred in the comedy “Crocodile Dundee” (co-written by Hogan and John Cornell), which became the highest grossing Australian film production in 34 years.

Although many of the critics panned the film, Hogan was praised for the witty humor, and his co-stars, including Olivia Newton-John and Chevy Chase, hailed the film’s success.

Although Hogan is best known for playing a rigger in the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, his dramatic life has also starred in a number of films, including the award-winning “Croccodile Dundee” franchise.

This movie marked Hogan’s biggest success outside of basketball, and he was inducted into the Order of Australia in 2008.

Paul Hogan spouse

The relationship between Paul Hogan AM and Linda Kozlowski began during the 1980s.

After their divorce, Paul Hogan and Kozlowski remarried in 1982. The couple lived in Australia for seven years, and later moved to Los Angeles.

However, their marriage ended after 22 years, when misunderstandings led to a split. After the divorce, Linda Kozlowski started dating Paul Hogan, who was then 51.

The first marriage Paul Hogan had was to lifeguard Noelene Edwards in 1958.

They were married for over 30 years and had five children together.

In 1981, the couple separated, but reconciled in 1986. After the divorce, Hogan remarried Linda Kozlowski, and the two were together for another eight years.

Their last divorce occurred in 1990, and they did not speak for 17 years after the split.

Paul height & weight

He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 72 kilograms.

Paul net worth

His net worth is estimated to be $22 million.

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