Nolan Gross is an American actor and singer. His first role came in the romantic comedy television series The New Normal.

In 2012, he appeared as Young Johnny in the TV series American Horror Story.

He has since had a number of roles in television shows. Gross’s first single, Red Wheels, was released on 16th September.

He followed this with another single, Night Drive, which was released on 1st December. His latest single, Eyes Wet, was released in November 2019.

Know everything about him, in this article here you will find quite interesting facts about Nolan.

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Nolan Gross bio

nolan gross

Nolan Gross is one of the most successful Movie Actors in the world today.

He was born on February 28, 2003 in Corona, California. Gross is five feet and nine inches tall.

His early career began in commercials, but his recent career has taken him to a much bigger audience.

He was featured in the hit movie Noah and is now the youngest person in history to make it to this point.

Nolan Gross was born on 28 February 2003 in Southern California.

He attended Pasadena High School and is now a full-time actor. He has two sisters and an elder brother.

His early acting work includes a small role in the 2011 musical comedy film George and the Fly and a romantic drama film called Turn Into Earth.

Nolan Gross movies

Nolan Gross was born in California and raised in Pasadena, California.

His early years were filled with acting and performance, starting with fake rock concerts.

He was six when he first began to ask about the possibility of being on television.

He started taking acting classes and flourished, eventually landing a manager and agent.

His first acting teacher told him that he was very serious and reminded her of Logan Lerman.

He has appeared in many films since he was a child. He starred in the movie Noah as a young boy and also appeared in American Horror Story.

Nolan also starred in Any Day, opposite Sean Bean and Kate Walsh, and he also had a role in Terminator: Genisys. Nolan Gross was born in Southern California and holds a Caucasian ethnicity.

Gross wife

Nolan is married to actress and singer Suzanne Falchuk. The two met on the set of the American Horror Story in 2012.

Their relationship is a testament to their compatibility and success on the show.

Nolan is also known for his love of soccer. He supports FC Barcelona and FC Bayern Munich.

When not watching the show, he plays for the neighborhood football team.

Nolan is the perfect partner for his actress wife. She has more than a million YouTube subscribers.

Nolan Gross is an American actor who first gained fame as a kid entertainer. He starred in the short film “George and the Fly” in 2011.

His last appearances were in the movie “Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot” and the comedy-drama Any Day.

In recent years, Nolan has been quiet, but we can expect more news about his wife and children.

Nolan physical appearance

Nolan Gross is six feet tall, which makes him quite tall. He has blue eyes and dark brown hair.

Nolan net worth

His net worth is 1 million.

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