Nikita Vijay is an Indian casting artist and socialite who is best known as the wife of Indian professional cricketer and right handed opening batsman Murali Vijay.

Are you wondering about Nikita Vijay’s age, husband, and children? Read on for the answers.

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Nikita Vijay biography

nikita vijay

The news that Nikita Vijay is pregnant with her third child has become a regular part of tabloids.

After divorcing Dinesh Karthik in 2011, Nikita married Murali Vijay. They had a son together, Nirav.

Murali handled the situation well. The couple kept a low profile and never confirmed the relationship.

However, a report in Tamil media revealed that Murali had an affair with Nikita.

The actress is also a successful entrepreneur. She is a yoga master and owns a yoga studio.

She is also the founder of the clothing line Label Eva. She is a mother of three children and is married to Murali Vijay.

In addition to cricket, Nikita is a renowned artist and is known for her works in the fashion industry.

Her age may be difficult to pin down, but her career is clearly a testament to her success.

Nikita Vijay husband

Murali Vijay is an Indian cricketer who plays for the Indian national team. Murali and Nikita Vijay are married. Nikita was previously married to Dinesh Karthik.

The couple has two children together. After their marriage, Nikita started her own brand of kids clothing.

The couple is fitness enthusiasts. Nikita practices yoga and meditation to stay fit. Nikita Vijay’s husband was a former model.

Murali Vijay and Nikita Vijay met during IPL 2012 while playing for the state team.

Nikita also met Dinesh Karthik before getting married. Nikita is a yoga master and owns a clothing company called Label Eva.

Nikita and Murali are parents of a son. Murali and Nikita were once friends.

Murali and Nikita were married on May 2, 2007. They later divorced in 2012. In addition to being married, they had an extramarital affair.

Nikita kids

Murali and Nikita met during the IPL 2012 tournament, and Nikita married him that same year.

Murali was the former captain of the Tamil Nadu state team and Nikita Krishna was the wife of a popular cricketer, Murali Vijay.

The couple’s first child, Nirav, was born in 2012, and they had a daughter, Iva, in 2014. They welcomed a third child, Ava, in October 2017.

After her divorce, Nikita had a secret romance with cricketer Murali Vijay, with whom she had a long-standing friendship.

The couple had known each other since childhood and reconnected after the divorce.

Murali is a follower of Lord Ganesh and loves spending time with his dogs.

Nikita physical appearance

She is 5 feet 5 inches. She has black hair and dark eyes.

Her net worth

Her net worth is Rs. 1.5 Crore

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