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NB Ridaz’s Biography

NB Ridaz

It was a Hip hop group formerly known as NBK Nastyboy Klick.

NB Ridaz’s General Review

The group released more successful singles as Nastyboy Klick in the late year 1990s.

Including “Down for Yours” in 1997, United States Billboard Hot 100 peak number 69, and “Lost in Love” in the year 1998, number 53.

Invasion, their debut album, was released in the year 2001 and reached independent charts.

It’s a single from the album  “Runaway.” Drag into the Billboard Hot 100 and made the Rhythmic Top 40 along with the albums like “I Wanna Love-U.”

Their second album, and NBRidaz.com. It made the Hip-Hop, Heat seeker, and Independent Charts.

Album “So Fly” broke into the lower reaches of Billboard’s Hot 100 and charts on the Rap, R&B, and Rhythmist’s Top 40 charts.

“Notice Me” also reaches the bottom of the Billboard Hot 100. Receiving more musical genres than previous tracks. “Pretty Girl” also charts on the Billboard Rhythmic, R and B, and Rap charts.

Lyrics of albums “Pretty Girl,” “Forever,” “Wishing on A Star,” “Best Friends,” and different other tracks written by then twelve-year-old Leonel Tissera and 11-year-old Joseph Soto. It’s why their lyric were criticized as ‘Nursery School.’

Soto and Tissera’s creative works, in the end, catch the attention of a group. After the group’s increasing popularity, Soto and Tissera’s lyrics became some of the most famous songs. The NB Ridaz performs them.

From the year 2006, NB Ridaz was produced as a group. That most people were not aware of because they were not too famous for the beginning.

MC Magic is the founding member. Returns to Individual Artist and went on to release the Albums like “Magic City,” “Magic City Part2”, “The Rewire,” and “Million Dollar Mexican.”

MC Magic is still performing and can be seen at the local flea markets and festivals. Serving his one and the only semi-hit song, known as “lost in love.”

NB Ridaz’s Popularity on Social Media

He is very active on social media sites such as Instagram.

NB Ridaz’s Biography

It all begins with the MC Magic, a Disc Jockey. He grew up in Avondale, Arizona. From breakdancing to sponsoring the teen dances at the community center.

MC Magic, in the end, named himself by recording personalized songs at the local Park and act of exchange.

In the year 1991, Ridaz forms an independent record label, Nasty boy Records. Scoring the regional deed with the sultry track “Lost in Love.”

Later such as the song in his year 1995 debut album called “Don’t Worry.”

In the year 1997, MC Magic forms the Nasty boy Klick. They started with the six members such as  Magic, DOS, Ziggy, Sly, Mischief (Magic’s 10-year-old son), and Bookie.

Bookie soon left the group to go for an individual project before NBK became successful.

out of Phoenix, Nasty boy Klick was known as one of the top Hip Hop groups.

MC Magic wants to try something new and different to grasp the attention of the Radio Stations and their Listeners; contacts the Management of Roger Troutman of Zapp and Roger.

They agree to assist him with the vocals on “Down for Yours” using the popular Talk box.

Not only did it grasp the attention of local radio stations. But it also reached number 10 on the Billboard Hot Rap single chart.

Firstly for any Hip-Hop group out of Phoenix. Quickly follows the success of “Down for Yours” came “AZ Side.”

That also became another hit single. It was the first record ever to receives sampling permission from Madonna.

The “AZ Side Remix” was a performance of Madonna’s hit known as “Everybody.”

In the year 1998’s Nasty boy Klick released That Second Coming.  The second album , called “Lost in Love is led by the Hip Hop Ballad.”

The time the record reaches number 12 on the Billboard Music Charts. After releasing their second album, NBK began touring and performing for many audiences within the following year.

Trials and sufferings, all the members return to their regular jobs. Magic returns to working at the Park and receives.

In the end, Magic and DOS decide it would be in their best interest to pursue their career as a group on their own.

They were asking Management to release them from the recording contract with Upstairs Records and allowing them to undertake on their own to pursue the Magic’s wisdom.

Zig Zag and Sly, moreover, remain under the direction of Upstairs Records; start working on a new project. At the same time, Dos and Magic form the Nasty Boy Ridaz or NB Ridaz for short.

Change Of Name

Changes the name from NastyBoyKlick to NB Ridaz. Because of contractual restrictions with the old name, Magic’s son Mischief and nephew’s D-Dog were adds to the group.

The NB Ridaz’s first LP believing Invasion, was released on September 11, 2001, on Nasty Boy Records.

The Invasion was made up mostly of material recording for a third NastBoyKlick CD. Like the hits like “Runaway” And “Radio Song.”

Soon after the release and the success of the single “Runaway,” Upstairs Records picked up the album; signed the Magic and Dos back to the label. Zig Zag then joins back with the Magic in 2002  and Sly.

The remaining member of NBK went individual working on a new project with the Upstairs Records.

In the year 2003, moreover, Sly left the industry to raise a family. Magic’s Nephew and Son also left the NB Ridaz group to concentrates on Education.

NB Ridaz now consists of just three members like Magic, Zig Zag, and Dos, with Sly; fills in from time to time for the absent members.

In the year 2004, NBRidaz.com released on the Upstairs’ Records.

It was the NB Ridaz group’s biggest album, with national success and multiple Billboard singles. The album had hits including “Pretty Girl,” “Forever,” and “So Fly.”

It broke the barriers and captured new markets that the group had never seen earlier.

At the height of the group’s achievement, problems between the remaining members continue to build.

In 2006, the NB Ridaz group broke up; Mc Magic and Zig Zag went individual. At the same time, Dos left the industry to concentrate on his family.

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