Morgan Lily Gross is an American actress and fashion model. She began modeling internationally at the age of four.

She has since appeared in more than 21 television commercials and countless photo shoots.

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Morgan Lily Gross bio

morgan lily gross

Morgan Lily Gross age is 22 years old. She was born on April 11, 2000, in Santa Monica, California. Her parents are Andy and April Gross, both of whom are actors.

She has three siblings. Her younger brother Jordan was born two months later.

Her parents raised her with their three children. She has performed on stage and in television, and she’s an accomplished musician. At the age of four, she was featured in Talbot’s magazine.

The actress’s career has taken her to numerous TV shows and films, mainly as a child actor.

Despite being young, she’s already a veteran of the film industry. She’s starred in a number of movies, and she’s appeared in more than two dozen TV commercials.

She also has a long list of photo shoots as an aspiring model. Her film debut, X-Men: First Class, received critical acclaim.

Her recent movies include Grey’s Anatomy and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Morgan Lily Gross movies

After appearing in a Hallmark Mother’s Day commercial, Morgan Lily Gross began to act in commercials for various companies.

She has since starred in several commercials and photo shoots. The actress has also appeared in two films, Shards (2005) and Welcome to the Jungle Gym (2006).

In addition to acting in films, Morgan has also appeared in television commercials for Nabisco, Jif Peanut Butter, Continental Airlines, and Dodge.

In 2007, Morgan made her network television debut on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The show required her to do all of the stunt work herself, and she fell from an elevated tree house.

Morgan Lily Gross is a well-known actress. She started modeling internationally at the age of four and has since made more than 21 television commercials.

In addition to film roles, she has also been involved in numerous photoshoots and television shows.

She is the youngest of five siblings and has three sisters and one brother. She has also had several supporting roles in movies such as He’s Just Not That Into You (2009) and “The Ugly Life of a Beautiful Girl” (2011). She has also been a leading lady in “2012” and “Flipped” (2010).

Morgan Lily tv shows

Among the many television shows starring Morgan Lily Gross is Shameless. The popular sitcom ran for 3 seasons in 2000 before Morgan Lily joined the cast as Bonnie.

She is from a large family who lives in a trailer. Bonnie and her family leave the show at the beginning of the fifth season. While she enjoys her job, Morgan is not fond of finishing projects.

While acting is a popular hobby for many teenagers, Morgan Lily Gross also has a diverse background.

She first started at an early age, with her most notable role as a nine-year-old in the film 2012, but she also appeared in X-Men: First Class, where she played Young Mystique.

In addition, she also played Bonnie on the hit television show Shameless.

Her parents are Andy and April Gross, both of whom are artists and entertainers.

Andy Gross is a comedian who is well known for his magic performances, and Morgan has two younger siblings.

Morgan net worth

Her net worth is 5 million.

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