Kit Connor is an English actor, he has been in a variety of films. His most notable films include Get Santa, Rocketman, and Little Joe.

He also played a recurring role in the CBBC series Rocket’s Island. Connor also voiced a character on the BBC One and HBO series His Dark Materials.

He currently stars as Nick Nelson in the Netflix series Heartstopper. The actor was born in Leicester, England.

We will explore some of his most well-known movies and TV shows below.

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Kit connor biography

kit connor

This English actor is known for his roles in films such as Rocketman, Get Santa, Little Joe, and Rocketman.

He has also had a recurring role in the CBBC series Rocket’s Island.

In addition, he played a voice role in the BBC One and HBO series His Dark Materials. Currently, he is starring in the Netflix series Heartstopper, as Nick Nelson.

The actor and singer is currently 18 years old. He has studied acting since his early age.

His childhood in England led him to study in acting schools such as the Indifferent school.

Several interviews have revealed that he intends to go to university to further his studies.

Kit Connor age is unknown, but we can estimate his net worth at two to three million dollars.

The net worth is made up of his earnings from various business ventures and media-based projects.

As an actor, Kit Connor has appeared in several movies and television series.

His popularity grew after he made his entry into the TV industry at a young age.

His photo-shopped image appeared on several magazines. His acting has earned him a number of awards and accolades.

Kit connor movies & tv shows

If you like Kit Connor, then you can stream all of his movies and TV shows on Netflix.

The service has more than 100 million movies, so you can watch them for free! There are lists with Kit Connor’s names as actors, directors, and writers. Here are some of his most popular movies and TV shows:

Born on March 8, 2004, Kit Connor is a British actor. He is a Christian and holds a white-caucasian ethnicity.

He began his acting career when he was eight years old, in a small role in the television series Chickens.

He has acted in several movies since then, most recently in the movie Rocketman. He is also set to star in the Netflix series Heartstopper, which will be released in 2022.

Kit physical appearance

He is 5 feet 9 inches. He is 70 kg. His hair color is brown and eye color is hazel brown.

Kit net worth

His net worth is 5 million.

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