Kim Myung-Min is a South Korean actor. He was born on 8 October 1972, in Seoul, South Korea.

He is best known for his leading roles in the television series Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin, White Tower, Beethoven Virus, Six Flying Dragons, and Law School.

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Kim Myung-Min bio

kim myung min

Actor Kim Myung-Min was born on 8 October 1972. He first made his acting debut in 1996 when he won the sixth public talent audition of SBS.

He has appeared in numerous television series as a supporting role. At the age of 24, he appeared in the horror movie Sorum.

He has received numerous awards and accolades for his acting and his commitment to the industry.

He is known for playing a variety of roles throughout his career and is well-known for his professional dedication.

Although Kim Myung-min was born in 1972, his personal life is not limited to acting.

He studied orchestral conducting techniques before going into acting.

Moreover, he has 2 children from various relationships. His biography will reveal his age.

Kim Myung-Min movies

One of the best known Korean actors is Myung-Min. The South Korean actor rose to fame playing the title role of a historical television drama.

Kim Myung-min was named best actor in 2005 at the KBS Acting Awards. His work on stage has also earned him several awards, including Best Actor.

His acclaimed acting skills have lent him roles in films, television series, and even in music videos.

Besides acting in movies, Kim Myung-min has also directed, produced, and written several TV shows.

In addition to his acting roles, Kim Myung-min has also produced and directed television shows and acted in many other works.

Kim Myung height & weight

His height is 157 centimeters. Kim Myung-min’s weight ranges from 76 to 82 kg.

Kim Min wife

While most Korean celebrities live on their monthly allowance, Kim Myung-Min has had one previous relationship.

In 2001, Kim married Kyung-mi Lee, and the couple have one son.

Kim and his wife have two children, but the details of those relationships are still sketchy.

But despite the rumors and speculations, Kim Myung-min has never looked back.

In the past, he has dated other famous Korean stars, such as Han Hyun-joo.

Aside from her role as Kim Myung-min’s wife, Kim Hyun-joo is also playing a role in the upcoming drama.

Kim Hyun Joo is playing a wife of a surgeon who has two children, and her role is full of hidden sadness.

In the film, the actress will play a role that has a combination of toughness and bubbly personality.

In the drama, Kim will also play a role in the musical “Bach” by Kang Ma-eun.

Kim net worth

His net worth is 6 million.

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