Kevin Dykstra 
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Kevin Dykstra’s Biography

Kevin Dykstra’s Biography
He is the name of an American Television Personality and Treasure Hunter. He is well known for his most famous work like Diving Deeper and The Curse of Civil War Gold. Kevin also acted in another show called Diving deeper. Alongside a few other Treasure Hunters.
He was born on August 30, 1963, in Fruitport, United States of America. Kevin holds an American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. From an early age, Dykstra has always been interested in history.
Particularly that surrounding Michigan. He is a native of Muskegon, in Michigan. His father was a Pediatrician.
Kevin has two brothers Albert Dykstra and Darren Dykstra. They assisted him during his adventure. At the same time, he was looking for a sunken Boxcar containing lost gold from the American Civil War. Kevin discovers the main body of a ship named the Le Grin. It is a 17th Century ship at the bottom of Northern Lake Michigan.

Kevin Dykstra’s Education

He did his schooling at Caledonia High School.

Kevin Dykstra’s Career

He began working as a Facilities Director at the Cavalry Christian School, Michigan. Later, Kevin became a famous American Treasure Hunter when he saw, in reality, the show The Curse of Civil War Gold.
The show was the first telecast back in the year 2018, on March 6. So far, it has about 16 episodes to its name. Also, it is in its second season. However, he is seen in another show called Diving deeper. Along with Fred Monroe, Al Dykstra, and Jeff Zehr.

Kevin Dykstra’s Relationship Status and Children

The Treasure Hunter is a married person, but there was no information available on the internet on his wife. It remains unknown to this date. Sources suggest that the couple together have four children; all are daughters.
Last year, he had suffered a Scuba Accident. At the same time, Kevin features an episode. Their fans watch him jump into a Lake. At the same time, in full gear. He had to pull out of the water as he got into difficulty.
When his oxygen tank hit the side of the boat, then he made a dive. It is said that Dykstra broke his hip.

Kevin Dykstra’s Popularity on Social Media

This American Television Actor likes to keep himself away from social media as his social media presence is practically not existing. But there are some fan pages on Instagram.

Kevin Dykstra’s Injury

Earlier in April last year. We learn that Kevin Dykstra had suffered a Scuba Accident. The history channel features an episode. Their fans watch him jump into a Lake while in full gear. Unfortunately, he hit his boat before he went on with his oxygen tank.
Kevin tried to stay afloat. But he found himself unable to. The rest of his team caught him out of the water and rushed him back to the mainland. There he receives Medical Attention. Afterward, I took him to the hospital.
Not much more information is available on his accident and recovery. Currently, the Treasure Hunter has fully recovered. He is looking back for his long-lost treasure.

Kevin Dykstra’s Net Worth

A second series is currently in the making. As Dykstra strongly believes, the gold is in a boxcar at the lake’s bottom. The value of the gold in the boxcar is around $2 million. Its worth will be $140 million today.
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