English actor Hugo Weaving has lived his entire life in Australia. He has won six Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts awards and is an honorary member of the Order of Australia.

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Hugo Weaving bio

hugo weaving

Weaving was born in Nigeria and was the second of three children. He is of Nigerian and English descent.

His father was an internationally-known seismologist. The family moved around a lot, living in several countries for different jobs.

After his birth, his family settled in England. Later, they lived in Australia, where his father was working as an earth scientist.

Eventually, the Weavings moved to South Africa, where Hugo continued to excel in history.

His impressive resume includes roles in several popular films, including V for Vendetta and The Matrix.

Most notably, he starred as anarchist ‘V’ in the latter movie, which brought him international acclaim and cult status.

Whether you are interested in his acting career, or in his personal life, you’ll find an informative bio on this prolific actor.

Hugo Weaving movies

Hugo Weaving has a long and distinguished career in the world of movies. Born in Colonial Nigeria, he is an English-born actor.

Throughout his career, he has lived in Australia, earning six Academy Awards, and an Honorary Officer of the Order of Australia.

The character of Johnno is a compelling character, as is the underlying theme of the film.

At first glance, he is an evil, scheming police official, but as the plot progresses, he begins to gain more significance.

Weaving is a great choice for a villainous role. And, his performance is so powerful, that it is a shame to miss it! Here are a few of the best movies starring Hugo Weaving.

Hugo physical appearance

Hugo Weaving is an actor who is 6 feet two inches tall. His height makes him slightly shorter than average, at 179 pounds. His eyes and hair are a mix of light brown and blue.

Hugo wife

The actor is married to Katrina Greenwood. The couple has been together for over 25 years and have two children together.

Their relationship is not as public as other celebrity relationships. In fact, their personal life is kept private.

Hugo Weaving was raised in South Africa and the United Kingdom. He moved to Australia in 1976 and is currently living in Sydney with his wife, Katrina Greenwood.

Together, the couple has two children. Hugo has continued to work as a stage actor.

He regularly appears in productions at the Sydney Theatre Company.

His wife is a long-time friend of Orlando Bloom. They met at a party and were married the following year.

Hugo net worth

Hugo Weaving net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.

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