Finn Wolfhard is a Canadian actor and musician, who gained widespread attention for playing the character Mike Wheeler in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

He is currently an alumnus of several universities and enjoys playing the guitar. This article discusses his height, weight, and career in movies and TV shows.

This article also contains information about his personal life and the way he views the world. Read on to learn more about this talented actor.

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Finn Wolfhard bio

finn wolfhard

Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard is quickly gaining recognition across the world.

He became a household name when he played Mike Wheeler in the television show Stranger Things.

However, the actor is more than just a face on the screen. His diverse talents span several genres, including music, comedy, and more.

Known for his brash and funky personality, Finn Wolfhard is an exciting prospect for fans of all ages.

The actor was inspired by the hit movie Spider-Man when he was just 10 years old.

After seeing the movie, Finn began to dream of becoming an actor.

Then, in 2016, Finn appeared in the hit Netflix television series Stranger Things.

The fandom praised him for his role in the series and his smirks were a sight to behold. Finn Wolfhard is a rising star with a huge future.

Finn Wolfhard movies

Canadian actor and musician, Finn Wolfhard, is making a name for himself in Hollywood.

He gained widespread recognition for his role as Mike Wheeler on the hit television show Stranger Things.

However, his talents do not stop there. He has also acted in numerous independent films and TV shows.

Below, you can find out about some of his most memorable roles. Check out his list of movies and TV shows below.

While there are plenty of films in the works, we’ve rounded up a few of his best performances.

Whether you’re looking for the latest Finn Wolfhard movie or are just curious about his career, there are plenty of great films to watch.

The actor’s career started as a child actor, starring in television shows like Stranger Things and IT.

He has also produced and directed his own films. His recent movie role as Mike Wheeler in the horror film, “The Host,” is perhaps his most popular. Fans of the series have already praised his acting in this film.

Finn tv shows

Actor Finn Wolfhard has been making headlines in recent years. He made his first TV appearance in the popular show The 100, a group of juvenile detainees who are sent back to Earth after a nuclear holocaust.

In this series, the group must determine if the planet is habitable or not. His character, Zoran, makes his debut in the second season episode “Many Happy Returns.”

He plays a deformed boy named Zoran, who is a survivor of his ancestors’ desert-dwelling lifestyle.

Aside from his role in Inglomorous Basterds, a recent trailer showed that Wolfhard would be appearing in an animated movie version of the beloved children’s book Pinocchio.

This role will earn him a second voice acting credit, and he will star alongside Ewan McGregor, Tilda Swinton, and Christoph Waltz.

The actor has also been a part of a number of other movies, including Inglomorous Basterds and Ocean’s Eight.

Finn physical appearance

His height is 173 cm, which makes him 5’10”. His body measurements are 36 inches, 30 inches, and 14 inches. His eye and hair color are both dark brown.

Finn net worth

The actor has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

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