Eric Stoltz is an American actor, director and producer. He was born on 30 September 1961, in Whittier, California, United States.

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Eric Stoltz Biography

eric stoltz

The American actor has played dozens of movies. Stoltz was born on 30 September 1961, so that means that he will turn 61 years old in just 117 days!

Eric Stoltz has been in a number of movies and television shows, including “Caprica” and “The Big Lebowski.” His parents are both teachers, and his mother plays the violin.

The actor’s relationship history has been somewhat hazy. He has dated actors including Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Laura Linney.

He was married to actress Bernadette Moley in 2005. He has English, Scottish, and German heritage.

He also incorporates Buddism into his lifestyle, and has a sister who is a writer and opera singer. Stoltz has a large amount of fans and is still going strong.

Eric Stoltz early life

Despite his modest beginnings, Stoltz has a very impressive net worth, which he has accumulated over the years.

His early career was in theater, and he played the piano in a local theater production.

He then went on to play the lead role in the 1985 film “Mask.” Aside from being a successful actor, Stoltz has also starred in independent films and studio movies, including The Butterfly Effect, Chicago Hope, and The Butterfly Effect.

Known for his role as Will Adams on the television show Madam Secretary, Eric Stoltz is also a producer and director.

He first shot to fame on the set of Private Practice, and later gained recognition as an actor in the hit series Glee.

He has also acted in and produced several films, including Sleep with Me and Bodies. His net worth is estimated to be in the millions.

Eric movie career

If you are interested in watching movies featuring Eric Stoltz, you are in luck.

This prolific actor has starred in some of the most memorable films of the decade.

His work as an actor has helped make him a fan favorite of independent filmmakers.

Born September 30, 1961 in Los Angeles, Stoltz studied trumpet and piano before deciding on acting as a career.

His debut in Broadway’s “Our Town” was nominated for a Tony Award. The following year, he directed an episode of the popular ABC sitcom.

While acting on Broadway and off-Broadway, Stoltz has continued to branch out.

His most memorable role in 1992 was as the ex-husband of Helen Hunt in the movie ‘Mad About You.’

He later went on to star in ‘Chicago Hope’ and the Showtime miniseries ‘Out of Order’.

His most recent film, “Sweethearts”, debuted at the top of the box office and earned a Daytime Emmy nomination for its cast and director.

Eric net worth

His net worth is 5 million.

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