Dick Caine, a swimming instructor, was detained; why? Charges Presented: Dick Caine’s history is destroying his reputation as an Olympic coach and forcing him into court.

Dick Caine is most known for coaching swimming at the Olympics, but he is currently the subject of severe charges, leading to his arrest by the NSW police.

However, the court has granted bail to the former Olympic swimming coach since he is afflicted with a sickness and must receive therapy to live.

Read the full article to know what happened to him and where is he is now?

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Dick Caine, a swim coach, was detained

dick caine

A former pupil of Dick Caine accused him of pestering and abusing her in a sexual manner, and she dragged him into court.

The former swimming coach is currently out of jail and is permitted to receive therapy, but he must appear in court again for a hearing next month.

The followers and acquaintances of Dick Caine are now asking a lot of questions.

We shall outline the accusations against Dick Caine and his current struggles in the part that follows. Scroll down the page to do so.

Why Dick taken into custody?

Dick Caine, 76, was taken into custody today at his house in Sydney’s southwest, in Condell Park.

The former swimming coach Dick Caine has reportedly been charged with 9 counts of felonies.

This is a matter of 7 AM when police officers escorted him to the Bankstown Police Station over his sexual allegations.

However, he was released from prison after the judge granted his request for bail since he has terminal lung and throat cancer.

According to the source, Dick only has a few months remaining.

According to medical professionals, Dick has only six months to live at this point.

What happened to him?

He is receiving care for his illness and has been granted bail. He will be required to appear before the judge once more the following month in the interim.

The charges, according to the source, were brought against him at the swim school in Carss Park in Sydney’s south by two teenage students.

The accusations against him stem from a historical incident that happened in the middle of the 1970s, when he was working as a swimming instructor.

The victims were 17 and 16 years old at the time of the alleged offence, according to Chris Nicholson, acting superintendent of NSW Police.

He also mentioned the several sites in Southern Sydney where the alleged offenses allegedly occurred.

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