Diane Guerrero is an American actress and singer. She is known for her roles as inmate Maritza Ramos on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black and Lina on Jane the Virgin.

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Diane Guerrero bio

diane guerrero

Born on 21 July 1986 in Passaic, New Jersey, she is currently 35 years old. She is 5’2″ feet tall, which makes her 1.57m tall.

She has had a long career in the movie industry and has accumulated a huge fortune in her acting career.

When she first became famous, Diane Guerrero was a teenager. Her parents were Colombians, and she was raised in the United States.

She first made her acting career on the television series “Orange is the New Black,” which she later adapted into a book and became a successful author.

She is also known for her role as Jane in the DC universe series Doom Patrol. However, her life was not as straight-laced as most people think.

Diane Guerrero movie

Known for her roles on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black and Jane the Virgin, Diane Guerrero is an actress and singer from the United States.

She grew up in Boston and was deported with her family as a child, but remained there as an adult.

She is an active supporter of immigration reform and has made a number of movies and television appearances.

Among her many accomplishments, she has authored numerous books and produced music for the big screen.

The actress and singer, born in Passaic, New Jersey, is best known for her roles in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black and the hit comedy Jane the Virgin.

Since then, she has appeared in eight feature films. Her last film was Love Comes Later (2015).

Besides her work in popular television shows, Diane Guerrero has also lent her voice to a number of animated movies, including Encanto, which was a remake of a Mexican movie.

Diane tv shows

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you’ve probably noticed that Diane Guerrero is featured on some of the top shows.

The star of Orange Is the New Black and Jane the Virgin has many fans across the world.

Born in the U.S., Diane Guerrero grew up in Boston and remained in the city even after her family was deported.

A longtime advocate for immigration reform, she also acts as a spokesperson for the rights of immigrants.

Before getting into acting full time, Diane Guerrero studied political science and correspondences. At age 24, she chose to pursue a career in the entertainment

Industry. Her first acting gig was in a Louie Bello music video, which drew the attention of audiences around the world.

After that, she moved to New York, where she concentrated on acting at the Susan Batson Studios.

Her boyfriend, Josh Taylor, has been in many films with Diane, including “The New Girl,” and the film’s director, Peter Safran.

Diane Guerrero family

The story of Diane Guerrero and her family is not unusual. She grew up in Colombia and was separated from her family when she was 14.

Her parents were undocumented immigrants who had overstayed their visas and were therefore denied legal status.

Now she uses her platform to call for immigration reform and shift the narrative about immigrants and the deportation of undocumented people.

But despite her success in the entertainment industry, her family’s story is still not over.

Although the official net worth of Diane Guerrero is unknown, her social media accounts have garnered her a huge amount of money.

Diane net worth

Her estimated net worth is approximately $1M.

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