David Thomson is a Canadian-British hereditary peer who is a media mogul.

Upon his father’s death in 2006, he became the chairman of Thomson Corporation. He inherited his father’s British title of Baron Thomson of Fleet.

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David Thomson bio

david thomson

There are many details about David Thomson’s life. His biography, written by his granddaughter, Geraldine Norman, reveals that he was born in Scotland and moved to Scott County, Kentucky with his family.

At the age of 19, he bought his first Constable sketch, offering a small oil painting in exchange.

According to Norman, Thomson was an ardent collector who had fallen in love with Constable’s style and manners.

Thomson’s acquisitions in his early 20s shocked the art world. He purchased “Seascape of Folkestone” by J. M. W.

Turner for a record PS7.3 million. He also purchased another Turner painting, “Seascape of Folkestone” for PS21.8 million, which was part of the collection of the then-art historian Lord Clark.

David Thomson’s net worth is estimated to be around $66.6 million, according to Forbes.

He has been married three times. He was married to Mary Lou La Prairie in 1988 and Laurie Ludwick in 2000.

His first marriage was to Emily Lydia Birdwood on January 26, 1867, when he was only 30 years old.

Thomson has appeared in twelve feature films since then. As a British actor, he is well-known for his portrayal of a religious leader in The Making of Rebecca.

David Thomson wife

Before he became a successful actor, David Thomson was a low-key fundraising AIDS charity worker in Timmins, Ontario.

Before his ascent, he also managed the Bay store. In 1979, Thomson married Laurie Ludwick, a slim blond woman he met in an elevator.

Born in Calgary, she was the daughter of a schoolteacher. Before the marriage, she had worked at Shell Canada, TrizecHahn, and the Financial Post. In addition, she briefly dated Severine Nackers.

Thomson married Mary Lou La Prairie in 1988. She had been working as a womenswear buyer at Simpsons.

Her father, Ken Thomson, met Marilyn Thomson when she was modelling in the early 1950s.

Their marriage was very happy, and she later began to pursue a career in yoga.

But after the divorce, Kolesa was reportedly denied access to her daughter.

She eventually moved to southern California to go to film school. She was subsequently disowned by Thomson and her daughters.

David Thomson children

David Thomson is a media mogul and Canadian/British hereditary peer.

He became the chairman of Thomson Corporation after his father’s death in 2006.

In addition to his Canadian title, Thomson holds the British title of Baron Thomson of Fleet. Thomson has three children.

All three are heirs to their father’s fortune. One daughter, Emily Thomson, is married to Canadian media mogul Stephen Rogers. Their daughter was born in 2008.

The couple met at Sotheby’s in Toronto, where he keeps a private art collection.

Thomson and Nackers struck up a romance at the end of last year.

The relationship between the two was kept under wraps until now.

Thomson has five children from four different women. He was previously engaged to actress Kelly Rowan, who stars in the U.S. television show “The OC.”

Thomson is also the father of two daughters with Severine Nackers, a Sotheby’s employee in London.

David net worth

His net worth is 7.81 million.

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