Dan Greiner
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Dan Greiner’s Biography

Dan Greiner’s Biography
Greiner’s wife is an American Television Personality, Inventor, and Entrepreneur. She is an investor in the reality Television show called Shark Tank and its spin-off Beyond the Tank. His wife has been known as the “Queen of QVC” since 2000.
With the premiere of her show called Clever & Unique Creations. Dan is the President and Founder of For Your Ease Only, Inc. Greiner grew up in Near North Side, Chicago. He was born on 9th December 1969. There is no information on his Childhood, Parents, and Siblings.

Dan Greiner’s Education

She specializes in communications at Loyola University Chicago; worked for The Chicago Tribune while in college. She was briefly a Playwright and a Jewelry Designer and Seller.

Dan Greiner’s Career

In 1996, Greiner created and invented a plastic earring organizer. J.C. Penney picks up the product before the holiday season. You are allowing her to pay off her $300,000 loan in eighteen months.
Greiner has invented consumer products in other categories like Cosmetic Organization, Jewelry Storage, Travel, Electronics, and Household Items.


After her success with J.C. Penney, Greiner expands her company. With her product seeing on Home Shopping Network and in the retail store Bed, Bath and Beyond. Afterward, she undergoes QVC. In the year 2000, Lori launches Clever & Unique Creations. It is one of the longest-running shows on the network.

Shark Tank

In 2012, Greiner joined the United States Television series called Shark Tank. In 2014, her investment in Scrub Daddy. It is a company that produces a texture-changing household sponge. It was regarded as one of the biggest successes in Shark Tank’s history.
Greiner’s other early Shark Tank investments like Bantam Bagels that T. Marzetti Company fully obtained in 2014, Squatty Potty, Scrub Daddy, Readers, Paint Brush Cover. Hold the Haunches, Drop-Stop, Fiber Fix, Simply Fit Board, Sleep Styler, and Screened.

Dan Greiner’s Relationship Status and Children

Dan is married to Lori Grenier. But there is not much information on their relationship. Both are married in the mid-year ’90s at Kincaid’s in the Lincoln Park area in Chicago. That is the time when Dan works as an Assistant Controller in ‘Bell &Howell Company. ‘
The couple meets together by accident; enjoy spending time with each other. Now completes two decades with each other. In 2010, they had a big Disagreement. But Neither Dan nor Lori has opened up much on their private life in public.
Meantime, both split home between residences in Chicago, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Both do not have any biological kids, although they love kids.

Dan Greiner’s Popularity on Social Media

He is not active in any social media, like Twitter.

Dan Greiner’s Net Worth

He is involved with one of the most successful Businesswomen in the country; his wife has a nickname the Queen of QVC and over 700 invented products under Lori’s company.
There is public news that the Chief Finance Officer’s average salary is $377,796 in the United States of America.
Dan’s wife is a self-made millionaire. It is not surprising that Dan Greiner’s net worth is presently estimated at $120 million; he shares with his wife.
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