Calvin Lane
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Calvin Lane’s Biography

Calvin Lane’s Biography
He is the name of an American Actor, Model and Athlete. Famous for his unbelievable height, approximately 7’6″, he is huge. With this height, Calvin is one of the Tallest Man in the world and Big Guy. This big guy was born 5 September 1970, in East Texas in the United States of America.
At an early age, he was suffering from Spinal Meningitis. The doctor said that might he lost his vision and hearing power.  But after two years, Lane successfully reduced that.
The name and information on Calvin’s parents are not available at the moment. In the same way, information relating to his other family members. Like his Cousins, Siblings, and Other Family Members, is also not available until now.

Calvin Lane’s Education

Moreover, he did attend High school in East Texas and also graduated. But the information on his university is unknown. Likewise, Calvin must have graduated from the university. Until and unless he is a dropout or decides to quit more studies.

Calvin Lane’s Career

He is mostly popular for his height. He has a very shocking height of 7 feet 5 inches. He is also famous as “The Tall Guy” and “Big Guy”. Similarly, Lane’s father also has a height of 7 feet 8 inches.
So, Calvin got his dad’s genes for height. In addition to that, Calvin Lane is also an Actor. He is known for the film is called “Ghost bite”. It was released in the year 1996.
Likewise, he also acted in other movies like “Walker, Texas Ranger” in 1993 and “Going to California” in 2001. However, he has another nickname that is known as “Towering height”.
Calvin Lane’s favourite Actor is Leonardo DiCaprio also a favourite actress is Jessica Alba. His favourite cuisine is Italian. In the same way, Calvin loves Trekking and Camping as well. He has his favourite place, that is Spain. And his favourite colour is Black. Moreover, Calvin is also a Model, Spokesperson and Athlete.
In addition, in Lane’s youth days, he went Trekking, Drinking polluted water from the stream. And after coming back, he started feeling cramps in his stomach. In the starting, they ignore it.
But when it got serious, they took him to the hospital. Then, the doctors diagnose him with Spinal Meningitis. He also lost his hearing and vision power. Moreover, in the next two years, he recovers. Lane also got back his vision and hearing power.

Calvin Lane’s Relationship Status and Children

He is married. He is married to Cynthia Lane. They dated for a while before tying the knot. Both tied the knot in the year 2011. Moreover, there is no information available on their kids until now.
Maybe Calvin does not have any children until now; he has kept his child away from the public and the limelight. Likewise, apart from that, the couple is living a happy life together.

Calvin Lane’s Popularity on Social Media

He is not active on any social media platforms; does not own any social accounts. Maybe Lane does not want to display his life on the social platform. Calvin may be living a simple life away from the social world. He has some fan pages on Instagram.

Calvin Lane’s Net Worth

He has an estimated Net Worth of around $600K.
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