Amanda Holmes
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Amanda Holmes’s Biography

Amanda Holmes’s Biography
She is the name of a famous Canadian personality, better known as the eldest daughter of Mike Holmes. He is a famous Canadian residential home improvement Contractor on HGTV.
Mike has seen in several home-features shows like Holmes on Homes, Holmes in Orleans, Home Free, and more. On Sept 02, 1984, she was born in Canada, the eldest of Mike’s three children.
She is Mike Holmes and Alexandria Lorex’s daughter. Amanda spent her early life in Canada.
The couple got hitched when the HGTV star was still a teenager at 19 back in 1982. On Jun 21, 1987, both were blessed with their second child, Sherry. After two years, the two sisters were joins with their younger brother, Mike Holmes Junior, on Jul 25, 1989.

Amanda Holmes’s Education

She is a graduate of a Private University.

Amanda Holmes’s Career

If it were not for his few appearances on reality Television shows alongside his father. We would not know anything about Amanda’s professional life. Holmes, who handles the role of Office Manager. She has made almost 17 appearances alongside her father.
In the series, she works for two years alongside her father since the year 2005. In 2007, before leaving in search of a new adventure. Following her departure from the small screen.
Holmes has lived a private life. Now, she is spending her professional life, to some extent working in the family business; but chooses not to be seen in the Television show.

Amanda Holmes’s Relationship Status and Children

She ties the knot twice; her first marriage was to a co-worker, Adam Belange. He works at Holmes on Homes. Both met when they were in New Orleans and soon tied the knot.
Adam works on Homes and Holmes in New Orleans as an expert in heavy machinery and landscaping. Everyone approves of his work on the set from the show’s fifth season onwards.
Unfortunately, the pair got separated due to reasons that are not clear to the open media.
Moreover, Amanda has since then found love again and married for the second time. Unfortunately, the information on her second marriage and her second husband is not yet revealed.
Now she is the mother of two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. Holmes’s first boy child Wyatt was born on Oct 01, 2010. After a few years, another child, a baby girl Emily has come into the world.

Amanda Holmes’s Disease

Sadly, Holmes is a life-lasting victim of Crohn’s disease. She receives her Crohn’s disease diagnosis during her teenage years. Since then, she has managed to live with it and raise awareness of the illness. The disease has no cure. The patients are left with an intensified digestive area of land.
So, Amanda has always stood for victims of the disease; has worked for charities that help in the cause. She and her father frequently take part in the annual M&M Meat Shops Charity BBQ Day.
For raising funds around 1.6 million United States dollars. Later they donate the money to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada.

Amanda Holmes’s Popularity on Social Media

She is not active on social media.

Amanda Holmes’s Net Worth

She spent her lowkey working in the family business but chooses not to be seen in the Television show. Holmes is a simple person and never likes to attract public attention by publicly displaying her wealth. Her recent estimated Net Worth is around $30 million that she earns.
Moreover, it would not be wrong to state that she enjoys a luxurious living. As she continues her profession, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.
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