Alexa Rose Steele is a Canadian actress. She was born on 3 July 1995, in Toronto, Canada.

She is best known for portraying Angela Jeremiah in the first five seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation and Tori Santamaria in the series’ eleventh and twelfth seasons.

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Alexa Rose Steele bio

alexa rose steele

Alexa Rose Steele is a very well-mannered and tasteful person. She is a perfectionist but is not viewed as a snob.

She enjoys helping others. She is very intelligent but can be exclusive.

She can be compatible with the Rabbit and Goat. Those who are compatible with her sign are:

Alexa Rose Steele was born on 3 July 1995 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her height is above average, and her body measurements are average.

She has a fair weight, and she is unflappable. She has a large fan following on social media. Her height and shoe size are also unknown.

Alexa Rose Steele has an estimated net worth of $1-5 million. She is a Canadian Actress, and her age range is between twenty-four.

Alexa Rose Steele wiki

The zodiac sign of Alexa Rose Steele is Cancer. This sign belongs to the element of Water, and as a result, can have difficulties blending into society.

Cancer is also ruled by the Moon, which can bring about fleeting emotional patterns and deepening internal mysteries.

This sign needs to have understanding and reassurance since it was born without the coping mechanisms to deal with the outer world.

It is not uncommon for this sign to experience bouts of irritability or frustration.

She was cast in the ABC pilot Original Sin, where she played Angela Jeremiah.

She later moved on to a role on The Next Generation, where she played the role of Angela Jeremiah, a high school student.

Alexa Rose movies

Alexa Rose Steele is an actress who is most recognized for her role as Tori Santamaria in the hit TV series Degrassi.

While she is a teen, her fiery personality has also earned her several roles in other movies.

She is a Canadian born actress and has been seen in a number of feature films. You can also catch her on TV as Angela Jeremiah.

In her free time, she enjoys watching action movies and starring in TV shows.

The actress was born in Toronto, Ontario, on July 3, 1995. She is best known for her role as Tori on Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001), a series about high school kids.

She was also cast in The Choking Game (2014) and Wildflower (2016), both of which dealt with self-suffocation and the dangers of self-harm.

Her astrological sign is Cancer, and she has a tendency to need understanding from others, which is why she has been a popular character in these films.

Alexa net worth

As of 2022, her net worth is estimated at $ 1 to $5 million.

Alexa Rose physical appearance

Alexa height is 5′ 2″ (1.57 m).

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