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Abby Rao’s Biography

Abby Rao

She was born on July 20, 1997, in New Orleans, United States of America. Abby is a famous Instagram model. She is well known for her elegant body photographs on her Instagram account.

Abby’s nationality is American. Her “Rao” surname is Telugu or Kannada surname.

It is commonly used in South India. Hence, her ethnicity is Indian cum American. There has not been any sign of Rao’s Parents and Siblings.

Abby Rao’s Education

She is a graduate student. Abby’s other Academic details have not been known yet.

Abby Rao’s Career

She is a Cosmologist by profession. Abby’s first post on Instagram was in August 2017.

She has been collaborating with lots of fame occupied artists. Abby’s personality career has started as an Instagram model.

There this blonde beauty has accumulated 1.7 million followers. Well, by posting hot and sexy photoshoots. Especially wearing a bikini, the model attracts such a vast number of people to Abby’s account.

With her big name on Instagram, Rao promotes several brands, especially fashion brands.

Not to mention, the tall beauty has worked for Fashion Nova as a model and even endorses an online clothing brand named UNIFORM.

Moreover, Abby is an ambassador for a company called Knock Out Watches.

Rao is also seen with the American Instagram star. Frequently called Instagram King, Dan Bilzerian.

There she did photoshoots at Bel-Air Estate as Dan’s girls in October 2018. We hope this young Instagram model will rise more in her career in the coming days.

Abby Rao’s Relationship Status

Her ex-boyfriend was Ricegum, and he is one of the highly subscribe YouTubers with a vast 11 Million subscribers. Abby’s boyfriend has on the attention of the world for his YouTube videos.

Abby is dating him, adding more limelight into their position. She has already broken up with him. It created a massive buzz in the social media world. As of now, she is not dating anyone and is single.

Abby Rao’s Popularity on Social Media

Her Instagram account talk with excessive pride with more than 1.5 million followers; she has become a renowned name in the glamour world, link with many glamour celebrities. Abby Rao is also active in TikTok.

She always keeps sharing some of her incredible dance moves for her followers and sometimes adds funny videos. Rao has more than a million followers in TikTok.

Abby’s average views on TikTok are around 500,000 views that making it trending on the platform. She exhibits beautiful body roll and other dance moves on TikTok.

Rao comes to everyone’s attention through her Instagram as she shares her swimwear and beachwear photographs.

Abby Rao’s Net Worth

The net worth of Abby Rao is USD 500 thousand. Her source of income is herself, an influencer in social media.

Meanwhile, she has been doing lots of collaboration and looks like she does not need to worry about her growing followers.

Her net worth keeps increasing every month as she keeps endorsing various brands every month. She has a high chance to be a millionaire soon.

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