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A-Mei’s Biography

A-Mei’s Biography
She was born on 9 August 1972, a Puyuma family in Beinan, Taitung, Taiwan. Mei is Better known by her stage name A-Mei. She is a Taiwanese Puyuma Singer and Record Producer.
In the year 1996, she made her singing debut and released her album, called Sisters; her albums like Truth (2001), Amit (2009), and Faces of Paranoia (2014). Each of the albums won her a Golden Melody Award for Best Mandarin Female Singer.
It made her one of the singers who won the category the most times—having sold more than 50 million records. Mei has achieved success in the Mandarin-speaking world. She is frequently known as the “Queen of Mandopop.” Her Puyuma-language name is Kulilay Amit. Possibility scripted Gulilai Amit.

A-Mei’s Education

She studied at the National Taitung College Chengdu Campus.

A-Mei’s Career

In the year 1992, she moved to Taipei. Mei took part in the Five Lights Star Singing Contest presented by the Taiwanese Television program Five Lights Awards. Mei made it through to the finals but lost in the final round.
In 1993, she attended the Talbumshe singing contest again and won. After that, she joined her cousin’s band in 1995 and performed in pubs in Taipei. Her Pub performance impresses Taiwanese Music Producers Chang Yu-sheng and Chang Hsiao-yen.
The head of Taiwanese’s Record Label Forward Music at the time. In the year March 1996, Mei signed a recording deal with the forwarding Music.
She sang in a national singing contest at the age of 17; discovered by forwarding Music, 1995; debut single album “Sisters” sold around 700,000 copies, 1997; sang in mainland China, 1998.
Signed an advertising contract with Sprite and sang at Taiwanese president’s inauguration, 2000. Political furor dampened career; comeback concert in mainland China, 2001.

A-Mei’s Albums

Her song Albums are Sisters (1996), Bad Boy (1997), Holding Hands (1998), Feeling (EP) (1999), Can I Hug You, Lover? (1999), Regardless (2000), Journey (2001), and Truth (2001).
The other song albums like Fever (2002), Brave (2003), Maybe Tomorrow (2004),
I Want Happiness? (2006), Star (2007), Amit (2009), R U Watching? (2011), Faces of Paranoia (2014), Amit 2 (2015) and
Story Thief (2017).

A-Mei’s Relationship Status and Children

She is now in a firmly fixed relationship with her Bartender boyfriend, Sam. Both have been dating for around five years, her longest relationship to date. He even had A-Mei’s name tattooed on his left arm to declare his love for her. Sam is also said to have attended all over A-Mei’s concert, not missing a single one.

A-Mei’s Popularity on Social Media

She has many fan followers on Social Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A-Mei’s Net Worth

She is one of the Wealthiest Singers, listed as the most popular Singer. Her estimated Net Worth is approximately $ 1.5 Million.
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